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    do i understand scaling?

    this is to do with scaling. i'm gonna explain everything i know of scaling n i want u guys to check if i know everything. i sit for the hsc exams. i've topped every subject in my school. i get the top mark in all my HSC exams. the exam marks get marked. i score 85 in one of my exams but the cut...
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    Important Chemistry Questions! Answer Them As Soon As You See Them!

    i dont get how to write balanced equations. i mean ionic ones r easy n covalent ones ain't that hard but i cant understand how to write balanced equations espicially if most of them involve using matalloids n transition metals. how do we even determine their valence? 1)write the balanced...
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    what books r the best to buy?

    im doing these subjects next year: 3 unit math adv eng physics chem bio reccomend any books for them?
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    How do u get a high band 6 in extension maths?

    well the question is aimed directly at E4 students who achieved a high band 6 in ext 2 math. i mean how is it possible to do well in a subject that is extremely complex. i've heard that heaps of kids have mucked up in it. so any advice is apreciated. the titles kinda ironic cause there is no...
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    does ur school rank really affect ur mark?

    This Thread Is Supposed To Be Dead So Do Not Click It! now i know what all of u r gonna say: that u can still get a good mark even if u r at a low ranked school but im beginning to doubt this theory. u see im the top student at my school which is currently ranked 657. i studies heaps for the SC...
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    how do u get a high band 6 in english?

    k i just came to australia a couple of years ago n im kinda worried about how hard the english is year. im planning to do advanced for HSC but currently im a band 5 student in english. i wanna know how to get a high band 6 in HSC advanced english as its the only subject which i find to be very...
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    I need some motivation

    k i just got my SC back n my marks were way below my expectations. i want a UAI above 99 n im doing all the hard subjects next year. if any of u have stories of people who didnt do great in the SC but ended up blitzing the hsc then i'd be pleased to hear them. Preliminary 2009 Advanced English...