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  1. Borbor

    Alternative to UNSW co-op?

    Try the UTS Bachelor of Accounting Co-op http://community.boredofstudies.org/125/faculty-business-law/240718/uts-bachelor-accounting-2011-a.html?highlight=cadetship It's a very worthy substitute in my opinion. Beats any straight commerce @ UNSW or USYD
  2. Borbor


    Hmm, both my friends who applied for Vet Sci got notified 2 days ago they were shortlisted. Perhaps it's different for each faculty?
  3. Borbor

    German Continuers!

    It was horrible.
  4. Borbor

    Sweaty hands

    I'd like to see that!
  5. Borbor

    International Studies

    Hmm I thought as much, just seems like some smart advertising of a specialised arts combo. Well thank you very much to you both for your insights. :)
  6. Borbor

    What are my chances

    Why bother if you can't even answer the question?
  7. Borbor

    Path to working as a Dimplomat/in an embassy

    Even if you could you wouldn't be able to google any matches. Help us all if you do end up representing Australia!! Yes you too.
  8. Borbor

    International Studies

    Ok what is the deal with International Studies? I've read a lot of these threads, the uni handbooks, talked to a lot of people and the general feel I get is that BIntSt or BIGS or whatever you call it is just a "glorified arts degree" as someone posted on here a while ago. Yes I understand...
  9. Borbor

    Diploma of Languages

    I didn't even know USYD offered Certs in langauges... Hmm, been a while since I posted here but I reckon the "Macq or USYD" question will just come down to timetabling. I really don't have any qualms about going to either. Now to figure out a way to structure the diploma.
  10. Borbor

    English Ext vs History Ext?

    Ext1 english of course! All you have to do for HSC is one creative + essay and plus if you stuff up your advanced english your 3u english will count for half of the mandatory english requirement edit: just read you only do 10 units so ignore what I said.
  11. Borbor

    Some help for subject selection please?

    You go to Ruse don't you? Why don't you take the extra uni of English anyway? It's not going to hurt you have an extra 5 lessons in year 11 and besides it's so much easier to drop it than pick it up later. 3u English isn't that much work anyway, it's just essay + creative for HSC. You should...
  12. Borbor

    Favourite airline?

    Finnair, Qantas, Cathay, Japan Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Royal Jordanian, Malev Hungarian, LAN and Iberia :D
  13. Borbor

    Accounting Cadetships 2009

    Getting to Macq shouldn't be too bad? I'm assumign you live somewhere near Chatswood cause of St Pius X so just catch the 545 which goes Chatswood - Macquarie. It comes every 15 minutes althoguh the bus ride is 30 minutes. The new train station @ Macq makes getting to the city even easier...
  14. Borbor

    Accounting Cadetships 2009

    Isn't that sort of contradicting all the things you said about experience and cadetships? :\
  15. Borbor

    UTS Co-op Scholarship 2010

  16. Borbor

    UTS Co-op Scholarship 2010

    Results are out!
  17. Borbor

    anyone been to meet business leader?

    for pete's sake it's a free dinner! GO GO GO!
  18. Borbor

    Why are ATAR cutoffs at University of Western Sydney far lower than USYD and UNSWS?

    Re: Why are ATAR cutoffs at University of Western Sydney far lower than USYD and UNSW hahah! That made me lol!