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    That tower question

    Did people put the object dropped from the tower at the equator will orbit the earth, and stay motionless relative to the tower? I've spoken to 30ish people about it, everyone had something different :(
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    Band 6 essays

    Are there any band 6 standard students or high band 6 advanced students willing to skim over my template essay paragraphs? Thanks :)
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    Inconsistencies of ATAR calculators for standard english

    After playing around with the ATAR calculators for English (Dux, Matrix, Einstein, HSCatarcalculator), anything greater than 85ish produced very different results. Is there any scaling data on this?? The scaling report seemed quite limited (top 1% only, even though this region is roughly the top...
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    Any past band 6 standard students?

    Hey, I was wondering if there were any past standard students who scored a band 6 (or close) willing to mark what I have so far for my essays/etc. Thanks :)
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    Binomial expansions?

    Let's say you have a term ( n n-r)x^n-r * y^r, should you right it down as (n r) x^n-r * y^r? Or would markers recognise them as being the same (I always right it as the first term, guidelines are always saying it's the second).
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    Atar estimate please

    School rank - 91 to 110 English standard - 7/99 (The top end of our english cohort is really strong - average was 60% ish in trials while people were achieving 95%+) Chem - 1/26 MX1 - 1/16 Mx2 - 2/5 Physics - 3/23 Also, is it impossible for me to achieve an ATAR of 99.95?
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    Fair or unfair?

    SHM question, in the form Acos(2t+a) where you have to find A and a given a velocity at t = 0 as well as displacement at t = 0. I didn't bring out the 2 at the start when deriving velocity. Part 2 involved figuring out the time at a given displacement. In total it was out of 5, i received 1/5...
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    Raw marks in 2011

    For 3u/4u the cutoffs were ~57/84,75/120 respectively. Since the papers are going to be out of 70 and 100 marks instead, are the raw marks required likely to increase or decrease?
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    Question 6 proofs

    Hey, would anyone have a list (or rough idea) of the proofs that can be asked in Q6? Particularly those that seem to reappear in the HSC, don't want to do what I did in the CSSA paper in the HSC itself. Even if there's a general method that most of them follow to prove. Thanks
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    So the marks are going from 120 to 100

    Any thoughts on what will be taken out of the exam to compensate for the lower total? Hoping for less random harder 3U q's, seem to be losing 20 marks on just those (70% of my total marks lost).
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    Is moderation absolute?

    Let's say two people are in a course, person A and B. Person A comes first internally, but only receives 60/100 in his final HSC mark. Person, B however receives 96 on his final assessment mark. Will moderation still give the highest assessment mark to person A? "The top assessment mark is...
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    ATAR estimate please :D

    MX1 - 3/15 MX2 - 2/5 Physics - 3/26 Chemistry - 2/24 English standard - 6/98 Could I also get an estimate if I smash trials? :D (Rank 4 english, rank 1 everything else) Thanks :) School rank - 109
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    Atar estimate?

    MX1 - 4/15 MX2 - 2/5 Physics - 3/26 Chemistry - 2/24 English standard - 6/98 Could I also get an estimate if I smash trials? :D (Rank 4 english, rank 1 everything else) Thanks :) School rank - 109 Edit: could a mod please move this thread to the ATAR counsel section? I swear I posted it there :(
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    Is standard english THAT bad?

    I'm in year 12 atm, doing standard english (I regret it). Anyway, is it near impossible to get a band 6? Or do we just not get aligned as well as advanced. Edit: Also, is it possible to get 99+ with Standard? My subjects are English Standard (7/98) Math ext 1 (4/15) Math ext 2 (1/5) Physics...