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    Additional Atar points?

    I was wondering if anybody knew about extra atar points? I am a rural student. Any examples of how many points you get extra as a rural student? And do you get bonus points for coming first in a subject, despite what subject it is? Thanks in advance!!
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    Complex Number Assignment

    Does anyone know how to solve this, I'm having great difficulty: Solve for Z: 1/Z = 1 + i + 2/(1-i) Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
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    Need help with question!

    I'm working through the Cambridge 4 Unit maths book and it doesn't have worked solutions :( one question is: Z = 1 + i sqrt3. Find the smallest positive integer 'n' for which z^n is real and evaluate z^n for this value of n. Show that there is no integral value of n for which z^n is imaginary...