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    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    ig a thread needs to be dedicated to what results you guys get so I'll just put one here for the people who'll stay up all night and u can post ur atar lol
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    jersey names

    ye anyone got some cool nicknames
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    nesa grades

    how did everyone go for ur prelim year :D pre sure nesa released their grades. any regrets or stuff ur happy about. hows ur first term in "HSC" going? Ik we're still year 11 but only a couple of weeks before "year 11" finishes.
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    Memorising Essay..

    Ok so I have written up my 1400 words essay but my question is how will I memorise it perfectly? My essay's in 2 weeks from now and we got 1 hour to complete it so any strategies/advice from others who have done it would be helpful since this is my first time doing an eco essay in timed...
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    Do you still sit the Mathematics Advanced Exam if you do Ext 2? (if you're not accelerated)

    Do you still sit the Mathematics Advanced Exam if you do Ext 2 if you haven't done accelerated Maths Adv. Just curious.
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    Eco essay

    Hey guys, I just got my assessment/case study for eco today and I noticed that its going to be exam-conditions in the sense we have 1 hour to write down our response to the assessment statement (we cant bring in notes/stats or anything to glance over). What is the word count + graphs/models...
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    Face to Face

    How's everyone feeling. We're coming back this monday, whats your feelings toward it. Personally I have mixed feelings, on the one hand I'm kinda liking online school now but on the other it'll be nice to meet up with friends irl rather than on zoom or call.
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    Chocolate thread

    Its Kit Kat Klub, he's a kit kat enthusiast like everyone else. I don't see anything out of the normal?
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    Uni maths textbooks/resources?

    Hi, I'm sure this might have been answered somewhere but its been quite a while ago in this thread so if anyone has studied University Mathematics before, could you give any guidance on which textbooks or resources would be helpful to study for first year or in general for University. Cheers.
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    Advanced Mechanics

    Hey guys, so I've been doing the first part of the module and projectile motion questions. I've encountered a question (Pearson Review 2.2 Q4) which asks to find the initial velocity given the Horizontal Range and the Angle of projection. Am I allowed to use the Horizontal Range equation? R =...
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    English Advanced Texts

    Anyone know what texts they're doing for HSC?
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    Preliminary Exams

    I'm assuming most of you guys have your prelims this upcoming week or already had them this week! Best luck everyone. I just wanted to post this thread so after our prelims we could post our marks or talk about how we felt about them. I only have 5 exams this week out of my 7 subjects, what...
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    Subjects for Yr 12

    Hello: I am currently Year 11 and I have received my results back for my 1st and 2nd term exams/assignments (prelims are my last task). I am currently doing; - Mathematics Ext 1 (Avg 94%) - Mathematics Adv (Avg 96%) - English Adv ( Avg 92%) - Economics (Avg 97%) - IPT (Avg 98%) - Physics (Avg...