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  1. Drdusk

    #2022 HSC Chat

    Welcome! This is a general chat for students completing the 2022 HSC. You are free to chat about the HSC and any other questions that relate to it.
  2. Drdusk

    HONOUR ROLL Out Early??

    I think so
  3. Drdusk

    Is SWE easier than Computer Science?

    No. Software engi does all the same core courses as CS, however it forces you to do extra SE courses that focus on the development of good software and what not.
  4. Drdusk

    FTP on phones

    All ftp does is ceate an open 'door' for other clients to connect to and recieve data from. This is done through the link that it generates. Just turn the ftp off and this 'door' will close.
  5. Drdusk

    Laptop requirements for electrical engineering and computer science?

    I recommend getting windows with at least 8gb ram, though 16 is preferred if you’re going to be majoring in Cybersecurity for compsci. You will find running virtual machines to be quite useful and this will be a hassle if you do not have a decent amount of ram.
  6. Drdusk

    Will I ever find love?

    You forgot, before the fight you have to dance with the whole crime syndicate.
  7. Drdusk

    Does it matter of you go to a prestigious university?

    I wouldn't say that. The university definitely matters to some degree, but it's not a make or break situation like in some Asian countries.
  8. Drdusk

    General Programming Thread

    Yep. I find pentesting really interesting.
  9. Drdusk

    comp sci or software engineering

    Both CS and SE do the same math courses. Yes they teach you from scratch, but UNSW moves quite fast compared to other unis so you have to stay on top of your game.
  10. Drdusk

    comp sci or software engineering

    There is literally zero difference when it comes to career prospects. SE forces you to do some extra mandatory courses that focus on stuff like the SE life cycle, project management etc. With CS you skip all these courses which allows you to do more electives that may interest you. However SE...
  11. Drdusk

    asap: i need help finding sdd trial papers

    You did all that but didn’t read my signature lol
  12. Drdusk

    asap: i need help finding sdd trial papers

    Now why do you say that……?
  13. Drdusk

    Who’s finished their exams

    Yes I felt like that after highschool and even in my early years of uni. It’s only now in my third year that I’ve figured things out.
  14. Drdusk

    General Programming Thread

    I found it easy but I already had some programming experience before doing it. If you have zero experience you will definitely have to work hard to get a HD. If you have experience already getting a HD is definitely something you can get without worrying too much.
  15. Drdusk

    General Programming Thread

    I love this major. It has some very challenging courses that are also really interesting. All the lecturers and tutors aren’t uni academics but are all currently working in Cybersecurity, so the lectures and tutes usually start at like 6pm after they get off work.
  16. Drdusk

    General Programming Thread

    Created a messenger type application with Python for an assignment this term with a server and many clients. Also had to implement p2p messaging between clients. This was all done using socket programming. It wasn’t really difficult and tbh programming has kinda become mundane and boring to me...
  17. Drdusk

    What maths should I be taking with physics?

    Yes doing standard is fine with high school Physics. HSC Physics is designed in such a way so that you do not need any higher levels of maths. Taking higher courses will make some specific content easier to understand, but this is in no way a requirement and you can understand it just as well...
  18. Drdusk

    Physics HSC Predictions/Thoughts

    For the exam on 26th November Good luck with the exam Class of 2021, on behalf of us all on BOS! You can share your thoughts here on how you found it.
  19. Drdusk

    Math Advanced Prediction/Thoughts

    Well I’ll take your guys word for it, but I do find it difficult to believe you needed to be an extension 1 student to not be rattled by the exam. Wdym? What people? What article? I’m just talking about in general having read a decent amount of articles over the past 4 years that it seems that way.
  20. Drdusk

    Math Advanced Prediction/Thoughts

    Yeah that’s what I meant. I swear in news articles I always see a few students/teachers saying this every year.