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    Society Survey- Please Complete!!

    Hey everyone, I am posting this on behalf of my sister. Could you please complete the survey in as much detail as you can. Thanks! It's regarding the effects of tv on socialisation. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yMIopf4rrrOl0Kyms9POxgiYA5IebRDX3gdck-S31Ew/viewform?usp=send_form...
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    Fall and Decline of the Romanov Dynasty

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question... does anyone know what example/s I can use for Nicholas II being a conservative leader (events that portray his traditional autocratic ruling) from 1905 onwards? If anyone give any ideas, I would appreciate it very much!! Thanks
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    Predictions for 2013 HSC Paper

    Hey Guys, Title says it all. What are your predictions for Crime, Family and or Consumer questions?
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    Job Opportunities in International/Commerce

    Hey Everyone, As title says: I want to study International Studies/Commerce I would like to know how are the job opportunities in this field? Thanks
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    2012 Biology HSC QUESTION- HELP

    Hi Guys, The 2012 Paper, question 10, http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2012exams/pdf_doc/2012-hsc-exam-biology.pdf What type of process is modelled in the diagram? (A) Osmosis (B) Filtration (C) Diffusion (D) Active transport I thought it was A, but the...
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    Omniscient Narrator

    Hi Guys, Just want to know, what is the effect of omniscient narrator and is the point of view reliable or not and why?
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    What kind of marks?

    Hi everyone. I completed half my hsc already i received a 90 in business and 80 in chemistry. What marks do i need in English Adv, Biology and legal to achieve an atar of about 93-95
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    Difference Between...

    Hey everyone, I want to know what is the difference between radiography and radiology?
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    Student research plan year 10

    Hey Everyone, I really need some ideas for student research plan. I have been looking all over the internet but I cant seem to find anything. Any ideas?
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    Difference between 2 medicine courses

    Hey everyone, I just want to know, what is the difference between Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery & Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Arts What do you do in an arts degree and what kind of career paths are there from doing arts? Thanks
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    Precedent help please

    Hi everyone. Why is precedent so important in achieving justice?
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    Would this get me a band 6

    Hey Everyone, I did the chemistry HSC this year, would this get me a band 6: Section 1- 15/20 Section 2- 40-42/55 Section 3- 21/25
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    Context Help!!

    Hi Everyone, I have an essay "Analyse how Lord Byrons poem The Vampyre and a vampire poem of your choosing represent the vampire. Refer to context and elements of gothicism" What does it mean by context and which part of our essay do we put it in? Please help, i need this urgently
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    Please Help

    Hi Everyone, I just started prelim legal studies and I need help Write a report on the way access affects the provision of justice in Australia Please give me some ideas :)
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    Hey Everyone, Someone from the Bored of Studies also known as Jessie is offering UMAT tutoring. She has had excellent results and I am planning to take tutoring lessons with her. Someone else can join the group so it will by myself and another student, it will be done at Parramatta Library...
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    What is the Raw Mark for Band 6

    What's the raw mark to get a band 6 in business
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    Stuffing up 1 subjects

    Hey Guys, I have 13 Units My subjects are : 2U Maths Chemistry Business Studies I found the maths quite hard for this years HSC My next year subjects are: Legal Studies ADV English EEXT1 Biology If i stuffed up maths do you think its ok to redeem myself?
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    Atar Calculator- marks to put in

    Hey everyone for atar calculators do we put our raw marks or our aligned/scaled marks in there?
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    Predictions for exam 6-7 mark questions

    Hey guys, do you think there will be a 6-7 marker question this year in the chem paper and if so, what do you think it will be about?
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    External hard-drive not recognised

    Hey everyone my external hardrive is not recognised and it was working up until now. How can it be fixed?