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  1. luigi

    Ok Where Is My Recycle Bin

    hi. sorry i need some help. the recycle bin icon is missing from my desktop. i searched everywhere for the recycle bin, in folders etc . i did a search in windows explorer. bla bla i cant find it! can someone help me cos theres heaps of shit in it i need to delete ta
  2. luigi

    UMAT results!

    where are they?!?!?! they said end of september! grr its like the 26th already.............!
  3. luigi

    NOVA programmers

    a lot of the stuff they tout on NOVa as being "new" is often a lot more than a couple of months old... esp the stuff that is not straight up pop. now, the programmers work right in the music industry , so they must of course be aware of these songs much earlier than when they decide to play...
  4. luigi

    happy hardcore

    hehehehe i used to like this quite a while ago been listening to some of it again its fun! anyone else like it /used to like it????? reccommend any stuff i have of course things like, i cant stop raving, a-tension- angel, and some scooter songs.............................. if ur...
  5. luigi

    when do umat results come out

    just wondering if anyone knows. thanks.
  6. luigi

    med question

    yo just a question, its probably a stupid one. but does anyone know if its possible to transfer between med schools. like once u are into one, do a year there then transfer to a different one thanks
  7. luigi


    who likes them? i saw them last night............ they were good
  8. luigi


    who plays?
  9. luigi

    welcome to the uts forum

    start posting.......
  10. luigi

    would you go interstate?????

    to south australia?
  11. luigi

    media personalities that you dont like

    #1 - the olsen twins .
  12. luigi


    hey do u guys know anyone that did well in the HSC, but not as well as they wanted - so they went back to TAFE and did some more subs??? ................
  13. luigi

    who has applied interstate?

    just wondering... my mum said that she read somewhere this years HSC candidates have applied interstate more extensively than the previous years.......
  14. luigi

    UMAT results

    what did other pplz get? - im talking about the percentiles mine was 92, 85, 35... hmm 35 = shit. yea i knew section 3 would bring me down
  15. luigi

    who misses 3u?

    not me
  16. luigi

    biopolymer question

    did u talk about a specific biopolymer? i did because that's what in the syllabus....
  17. luigi

    who finishes HSC on november 8th?

    i think lots of ppl finish on nov 8th ~~ just wondering if i'm right..
  18. luigi

    SHM question

    Find the maximum acceleration of the particle x = 3sin (2t + 5) can someone do this for me?
  19. luigi

    ok this is a stupid question but...

    how do u integrate and differentiate 2^x that is : two to the power of x. please reply thanks
  20. luigi

    King Lear: bondi production

    does anyone know the name of this production? also what is the number of the storm scene? hehehe im lazy