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  1. H

    Law Electives: Any advice/warnings?

    Wishful thinking ;) Also wishful thinking- the idea that they will actually decrease 4th and 5th year subject workloads to correspond to the cp standardisation. I'll believe it when I see it
  2. H

    Is CUL 204 just about the gays?

    Well yeah, that style of writing is quite popular in the cultural studies department, particularly seeing as challenging the traditional structure and meaning of words is *kinda* important (particularly to that area of study) . Queer theory isn't just about homosexuality, it's...
  3. H

    Results Discusssion

    Re: Results Discusssion - Results so far and predictions e-student is crashing. How surprising..........;)
  4. H

    [Serious] Law students, do you have a life?

    What a load of BS, I don't believe that for a second.
  5. H

    208 question: confidentiality vs privilege

    Hey all, hope the exam is treating you well! (lol). I've cross-posted this over on the general law forum too so hopefully someone will write back :/ I’ve read and re-read the course stuff on this topic, but I’m still having difficulty in discerning when these concepts need to be applied. My...
  6. H

    new centrelink reforms

    lol. I just thought: everything is coming in 2011 hey? Paid paternity leave, lowering of the age of independence. WHY CAN'T THEY FUCKING DO IT NOW!!!!!!!
  7. H

    new centrelink reforms

    The reforms are absolutely fucked. I have been working towards the $19 000 in 18mths thing, but I will not make it by January 1. I don't get penalty rates at work at present because of Howard's WorkChoices regime; I work a lot of Sundays and that money might have helped push me over the $19 000...
  8. H

    I got a distinction, but not an actual mark.

    Some tutors do, some tutors don't. I once wanted to know my specific mark from my tutor, and he said I just had to come to his office and he would look it up for me. Have you asked your tutor what your actual mark is?
  9. H

    Women's Room at Macquarie uni

    Jannt I was certainly not annoyed by your comment, it was the other comments making fun of the room ( from people who had either not been in there, or who just didn't get why it is there) that I was responding too. Honestly I agree with you on the need for a parents room. I think there should...
  10. H

    Women's Room at Macquarie uni

    A lot of the people who are responding to this question are either supremely stupid, or ignorant, or both. Yes, the women's room at MQ started up about two decades ago, and it was designed as a safe space for women to go to- for breastfeeding, for women with kids, for women to get contraception...
  11. H

    What do u hate about MAQ

    What I find the most annoying is when I come in to a lecture like 5 minutes late ( when I've had a tut before that and had to run to the toilet), and people sit RIGHT at the end of the row. And I'll look at them and think, "this is a small lecture theatre, you know from last week almost all the...
  12. H

    Late assignment. Not good.

    Thanks for asking, the meeting went amazingly well. My tutor ( who is also the convenor) explained that he would not penalise me for handing it in an hour late. He also said the study guide clause about failing people was basically to ensure people had the motivation to hand it in on time. I...
  13. H

    Late assignment. Not good.

    Thanks for that misericordia. Whatashotbyseve I think they check the boxes every day at 9am, 12pm and 5pm. The convenor for this unit may have even specifically asked the office to clean out this particular box at 12pm. Whatever the technicalities are, I've got a meeting today at 3pm with the...
  14. H

    Late assignment. Not good.

    Yeah I will go and see the convenor about it today. The advice about going and seeing him in person is good- email makes it so much easier to dismiss my case. I will attach the study guide, though I have definitely not misinterpreted it- it was pretty clear. The relevant part is on page 8.
  15. H

    Late assignment. Not good.

    Okay so I am in a, ah, *bad* situation at the moment. I had an assignment due this Friday at 12pm ( to be handed in to W6A). It was a law assignment, and the repercussions for handing it in late are, according to the study guide, that I fail the entire unit. The assignment was worth 20%, and...
  16. H

    Am I entilted to ANYTHING?

    From your info, I would agree that you just have to keep your head down working, earning about $250 a week, until you hit the 18K mark. And yeah it isn't fair. And the fact that you don't get the mini-budget cash payment isn't fair either. I also live away from home and don't get a cent. Good...
  17. H

    do we also get the $950

    I received my notice of assessment, but I had to lodge an amendment notice because one of my employers made a mistake on my group certificate ( I had paid more tax than they said). I lodged that amendment 4 months ago, have called them 5 times, the money was supposed to be paid 29 November 2008...
  18. H

    do we also get the $950

    Ah, mate, people who are contributing most to taxes are the people who are not going to be seeing a cent of the package. People who are not independent and who do not pay taxes get youth allowance. My cousin gets Austudy and he does not earn over $6000. But all of that aside: I still have not...
  19. H

    do we also get the $950

    " We'll aim this package at low income earners, but those on incomes UNDER a certain amount will miss out". Ahhhh if I wasn't missing out on the money because of this I would adore the irony of it
  20. H

    I was offereed a job

    I would kill for any employment. Doesn't matter when they'd want me to work. You're incredibly lucky to have the luxury of turning work down. When you're doing full time uni, broke and desperate for a job you will understand. That is all