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    goddamit i want my uai now!!!

    haha, this is halarious! we're all going insane...... hm..... an hour to go ey...... so wat does everyone want to do? like uni courses? just for fun....we have an hour to kill, might as well keep ourselves occupied and make some friends! haha :wave:
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    2002 HSC Marks

    Hey yeh, i go to castle hill high school, a public non-selective etc etc skool....and in reply to a few pages ago, yeh i got 97 for dance, and there were 5 ppl in my dance class, we dont even have a dance room, and i started dancing in year 9....so i guess in response to ur question it doesn't...
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    2002 HSC Marks

    Gday! yeh, all of my ass marks were scaled up HEAPS!!!! does that mean our skool marked hard??? Ancient History - 92 Dance - 97 Adv. English - 90 Legal Studies- 93 Gen. Maths - 94 (all band 6) So yeh....pretty stoked! :)
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    after thoguhts???

    i LURRRRRRVVVED crime, considering i only studied it for 20mins last nite i was sweet as.... hr's was pretty good multiple choice...hm.... but iffy.... ESSAY!!!!! FARK!!!! i screwed them both up, i did the remedies one, and what is it with ALL YEAR PRACTICING effectiveness, and then it not...
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    Hard markers...trial marks...

    if that happens, your whole class will get scaled up HEAPS!!! it wont disadvantage you at all.... coz that guy will get a raw hsc mark of 90's for legal, so theyll scale it up! yeh, its like that for different skools. I got 23/25 for an essay i thought was worth more...and i got top, but the...
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    Thanks heeeeaaaapppps for that!!! good luck for tomorrow :)
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    OK... so who's screwed for legal!!!!??? like how long has everyone been studying for!!!!!???/
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    Court of Chancery

    Hey, with all that court of chancery (13th Century) and travelling judges stuff... how much do we need to know??? like wat was the order??? thanks! :)
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    Hey, im having heaps of trouble with consumers...... like the syllabus is all over the place.... for things such as occupational licencing - self & state, do u know heaps on the travel agents, motor dealers and stuff, or do u think id be right knowing just one and its act and for all of...
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    Essay structure re: Family.

    Ive always done it the second way like do effectiveness for -individual (eg. accessibility, equality....) -society Because the markers are looking for the actual words, eg.equality but i must admit the only problem is that you can leave out important bits, and often evaluating the...
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    HSC predictions

    Yeh, for trials and stuff, the HSC is completely finished by Easter, theyll start writing next years HSC straight after these exams are finished. The trials are written after, and the independent & catholic trials are a guess to what they rekon will be in the HSC. Thats why for Ancient History...
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    I have consumer and technology essays

    Could you PLZ post me that for consumers... coz we didnt have it for trials, and its the only area i fully dont understand!!! Id give u my family essay, but u dont do family, sorry! Yeh, for consumers my email is herbsby@hotmail.com Id LUV u for ever!!!!!!!!!! my saviour!!!!!!!! :) thanks...
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    Prac questions?

    Thanks heaps!!!! :) i understand that itll take WAY too long to write down human rights and crime... but would it plz be possible just to say the gist - (like sovreignty & one domestic hr) for crime & hr's. For Catholic 2001 and Independent 2002.... thanks!!! :)
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    HSC predictions

    Anymore predictions!? :)
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    Argh! Yay! It's OVERRRR!

    yeh, i was fairly happy with the exam, wish i studied harder....the ancient syllabus is wayyyy to big, and unless u study like 5 hrs a day u can never know it all!!! and you end up gettin asked to write a 45min essay on like 2% of the syllabus!!! anyways - considering i didnt study ANY for the...
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    What did everyone think of dance, i know dance isnt hard or anything, but i still thought for core it couldve been easirer.... like i was thinking it would just be on context & character, more like last years... but unity, and the background of Ek, i had ancient this morning and didnt really...
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    Ancient's Screwed!!!!!!!

    Is anyone else finding that ANCIENT SUX!!!!! as much as i love it, i HATE studying for it!!! there's toooooooo much to know!!!! its by FAR my hardest subject & im doin legal & modern & all that crap!! Yeh.....well i can offically say im ROYALLY SCREWED for tomorrow.....and i just frekkin hope...
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    Anyone else have any predictions???:) coz im screwed and i wanna know what ppl think!!!
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    median regression lines?

    hey, anyone fully studying median regression lines - our teacher said that she doesnt think itll be in tha hsc - coz of the uproar and the difficulty in marking last years Line of Best Fit.... also - any predictions about wat will be in there - ive also been told Two Way Tables is the talk of...
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    25 Mark Essays - Help!!!

    Hey, well coz they're usually effectiveness, or somehow asking it indirectly, i just do effectiveness for the individual -equality -accessibility -the protection & recognition of indiviual rights -resource efficiency -enforceabilty then for society -community standards & expectations...