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  1. xxstef

    quick overloading question

    can first years overload in first semester? (30cps instead of 24?) and if yes, does that mean you can 'underload' in say, second year? thanks :)
  2. xxstef

    Music Skills Test

    Has anyone done the MST at the con previously and could give us an idea on what's in it? Their details are very vague...
  3. xxstef

    German Extension

    how'd you find it? i found the comprehension section a little dodgy, but the creative and the essays were both very generic. i chose the 2nd essay.
  4. xxstef

    UNSW interviews out now!

    opened my email today and discovered a cheery interview offer! :) anyone else?
  5. xxstef

    Is studying medicine harder than studying other degrees?

    Would the amount of study/effort required be more in Medicine than in any other degree? Is there still plenty of freetime for multiple outside activities? Just curious :)
  6. xxstef

    ext monologues - how to prepare?

    hi all, the biggest worry for a lot of ppl (including me) is the monologues. thought i would make a thread for sharing tips on how to prepare for them. so, any ideas? :)
  7. xxstef

    urgent chem help please!

    What is the pH of the solution which contains a mixture of 25mL of 0.25M HNO3 and 20mL of 0.35M KOH? i've spent ages trying to work it out but i'm not getting anywhere :( and the exam's tmr! thanks
  8. xxstef

    dort vs. da

    hallo alle wisst jemand den unterschied zwischen "dort" und "da"? ich habs im internet nachgeschaut, aber ich habe keine gute antwort gefunden.. vielen dank im voraus für eure hilfe!
  9. xxstef

    The Justice Game

    anyone doing it? how's everyone finding it? we got the text last week of term and it looks so tedious to get through...
  10. xxstef

    titration - standard solution q

    hi, is it 'standard' to use 25mL of standard solution in titration, or is that only in schools? when writing the procedure for titration, should i say 'add 25mL of standard solution' or 'add a known quantity of standard solution'?
  11. xxstef

    17 again!

    watched it today! went in totaly not expecting anything that great (esp. not zac efron), came out a zac-efron convert. hes so goodlooking.
  12. xxstef

    plans for this 'holidays'!

    any grand plans? studying? relaxing?
  13. xxstef


    i can't seem to register, the image verification does not appear at all. help someone?
  14. xxstef

    school maths-themed party

    my class is throwing a maths-themed party at school in 2 weeks, and we're currently stuck on ideas, esp. for activities/music. for food, we've thought of eating "Pi" and having a cake math decorated, and perhaps number cookies. but yeah, ANY useful suggestions would be really helpful. thanks!
  15. xxstef

    yr 12 school assessment calendar

    how's it looking for the rest of the year? busy? i have at least 1 (half the time 2, sometimes 3!) assessments per week until the end of term 2, except for t2wk3 :mad: i just hope my hsc timetable wont look half as bad...
  16. xxstef

    living on campus at campbelltown

    ive heard from people that living at campbelltown campus is dodgy, and there are druggies and crime around everywhere, don’t know how reliable these sources are though. can anyone help out?
  17. xxstef

    bernard tomic!

    ive watched one set of him and im already a fan :D any other fans out there?
  18. xxstef

    med at Bond Uni?

    i understand they have trimesters, so finish the whole course in 4yrs and 8mnths. anyone know whether the course is good and how it compares with unsw/uws? and how high would UAI have to be?
  19. xxstef

    german class of 2009!

    hello all! are you doing continuers or extension? liking th course so far? oh, and to extensioners, what has been your fav short story so far? my class has only done hänsel und gretel and risiko für weihnachtsmänner, and im finding risiko a fair bit harder to analyse. share your thoughts...
  20. xxstef


    anyone else doing namesake here? like or not like?