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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    am i the only one in here feeling that the exam was quite hard? all of you guys are expecting e4 and how u guys feel so confident... i checked my mc and left out quite a few questions, last page alone was like 13 marks off already i'm fearing a freaking e2 ._.
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    General thoughts on design & tech exam

    i got loads of D and C, 1-2 B in mc... im kinda worried .. :/
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    DT + Eng Exam Day

    How's everyone feeling about having DT exam in between the two Eng exams, and on the same day of Eng Paper 2? How are you gonna cope? How are you going to prepare?
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    If I Do Better in External...

    Hi there was wondering if my ranking isn't fantastic at school, about slightly above average for almost all subjects but I beat a group of people who are ranked above me in the HSC external exam and given the condition that my cohorts do well in the external too.. What will be of my final...
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    School Ranking Dropped

    Hi, I'm currently studying Eng. Adv course in school, just got my first set of HSC assessments back from last term, and I was very shocked at my results. We studied Emily Dickinson's poems as part of the Area of Study in belonging, and also had a creative writing task. I got 8/15 and 7/15...