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  1. Mellonie

    Pre Uni - Stratfield QUESTION

    Yep u can pay for the day only if u dont want the term
  2. Mellonie

    ALL UNSW ppl Doing BAcgelor of eco/BAchelor of social science

    SO i was filling out the form and choosing my subjects.. and i got confused which ones u pick. ISnt the subjects supposed to be compulsory first year? And when i got to second semester, their was like 8 courses wher ei had to ipck only 4 !!! :( can anyone advise me on what wee supposed to...
  3. Mellonie

    Hecs Form

    hahah omg we got real wannabe nerds here. I guess u guys r so up urself, u dont know that when u typin to friends,(which u obviously dont hav) we spell jelos.. the short way... cuz no1 cbf to spell out jealous. But i forgot i should try and match ur intelectual supreiority... such sad ppl...
  4. Mellonie

    Hecs Form

    GOOD come say Hi.... although i dont remmeber u, cuz ur worthless.. its totally necessary for u to remmeber the face u jelos of
  5. Mellonie

    Hecs Form

    WEll great U can come up to me at UNSW, and i'l make sure u get a good F***N thanx from not only me. C u Their. . and uno come upto ma face n say ur lowie comments then
  6. Mellonie

    Hecs Form

    FIrstly where do u give the hecs sheet too? And by when must we fill it in?
  7. Mellonie

    ENROLLED but WANt LAte Offer

    OK i didnt know if i was supposed to enrol at UTS or not if i was still waiting on late offer. SO basically i enrolled for orientation day at UTS but if i get a offer at UNSW in late rounds then i'l go their. Was it wrong to enrol at UTS? And also about HECS form, shuld i wait until LAte...
  8. Mellonie

    EAS offers

    So do the ppl who got access also get their offers known tonight? And how the hell do we know access cut off's
  9. Mellonie

    Coles Myer Interview

    just be really friendly with everyone, smile and speak clearly. Dress to impress, a female/male suti for both sexes.. everyone dressed too casual when i went
  10. Mellonie

    Coles Myer: Job Application Update – Great News! email

    yer i got the great news e-mail, a day after my group interview. God ppl at my interview were so boring, n all dressed in casual crap. Some asian guy kept syaing "he loved 4 unit maths" n ignored everythign i said .. but i just kept acting like i "like evryone". I was dressed in buisness...
  11. Mellonie

    WHAT QUESTION COles-Myer Ltd asks?

    I got a hold letter, syaing i was successful, but their finding a suitable position for me
  12. Mellonie

    WHAT QUESTION COles-Myer Ltd asks?

    So what do htey ask in the group interview, n what basically happens? WHats the best way to prepare? If u went drop in what hapened n the questions
  13. Mellonie

    Multiple Choice

    9 aint c god. why the hell do u think p and R are gonna arrive simultaneously... Do u honestly think that P can have eddie currents in it? This is a eddie current question, as the metal moves it enduces eddie current thus slow down effect.... is achieved. The plastic no eddie currents r...
  14. Mellonie

    Multiple Choice

    HAHAh I KNOW AGEREED, she is bringing some history knowledge into it.. haha Is napoleon a fukn moron he would think its gonna go longer? HAHAHA WERE GETTING TESTED ON PHYSICS wake up
  15. Mellonie

    Multiple Choice

    OFcourse !2 is B I AGREE, Y THE HELL CANT PPLA CCEPTSOEMTHING SO SIMPLe. GOd anyway lets like try n get real answers rather then agruing some obvious ones
  16. Mellonie

    Multiple Choice

    12 is not A liek eevyone keeps saying... plank couldnt explain what he had found, einstein instead explained it. HAlf the multiple answers everyone putting up is wrong, and does not make sense!!!! N i dont want to put mine up cuz its prolly equally wrong, but can someone put somethnig up...
  17. Mellonie

    shipwrecks, corrosion n conservation

    I agree with thunderdax i think he has hit the damn spot. They gave us a solution Magnesium sulgate/iron(ii) sulfate solution allowing ions to be flowing or swapping or wateva The same rules apply, magnesium will corrode, cuz its more reactive. The diagram is just the same thing Galvani...
  18. Mellonie

    2UNIT paper apparently needed 3UNIT skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO agreed, i do 3 unit, n i definately believed this to be true. I saw the graph we had to draw 2-2cos2t in my 3unit JONES N COUCHMAN! i was like uno dambn. Then i was doing the past hsc extension 3unit paper, n their were like similar question in 2 unit this year. I was kicking my self i...
  19. Mellonie

    Q Crime (c) young male and young female

    I am not supporting the question. OK, I am saying actually for ppl, wo didnt write anything, they should have atleast tried. And atleast applied criminal justice system some how. I thought the quesiton was ambigious, didnt realy know what was being asked, but like god we r all in the same boat...
  20. Mellonie

    Q Crime (c) young male and young female

    exactly ... should be able to adapt