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    Hi! 1st week. I am @Newman and we did amazing race sort of thing and go round the city! It is pretty fun, though! And food@ Newman has been pretty good so far
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    How should you structure a AOS Essay in the HSC (RMATERIAL AND ALL)

    Maybe like this (my example is totally fictitious): The character A in the movie used a lot of one-word exclamations such as 'History!love!travel!'. This shows that A is really happy about the prospect of the journey and indicates that A changes from his initial state of being grumpy and...
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    Is there distinguish achiever/top achiever award??"

    So...besides all rounders (primier award), will others like distinguish achievers/top achievers got some sort of award? or certificate?
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    Premier's Awards

    I just received the letter TODAY!!! (the rsvp is even yesterday *sigh*) It was actually my fault as all letters are directed to my school and I haven't took care of my books so I couldn't get the letter until this morning And yeah, I am overseas..I'll be flying to Aussie on Feb, 14...too bad...
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    Which book t use?

    I did it coz: 1. Scaling 2. Challange and fun of it 3. I LOVE MATHS 4. Nice teacher
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    maths studying

    Umm...I don't know exactly how MUCH time I did for maths last yr. I do remember I did maths A LOT. Well, I did other subjects only when cramming for assessments, or catching up things but other time was for maths (even in my study halls and else, though it was rare that I got my time for maths...
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    MX1 vs MX2

    In my personal opinion, MX2 does help u with MX1 in a way, like it helps u to think more broadly, use so many methods u would hav not thought abt...and yeah, there is this harder 3U which help u much! I remember once I was studying the past papers for MX1, then I came to this integration...
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    Eligibility for doing ESL

    I and my friends sometimes wonder why...because actually the examplar sample itself is even not WOW...and we think we can achieve that bands...but sometimes it turns we don't..*or maybe we put ourselves bit too high?
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    Eligibility for doing ESL

    Well, that 5yrs thing posted by pluvia is the official one...but sometimes rules r bent...like my senior who did Chinese beginner while the whole life he has spoken Chinese and learnt in Singapore... I dunno whether it scales badly, but according to a list I got, it does... It does have band 6...
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    UWA or Melb-U?

    I got an offer from Melb-U today while I was thinking to go for UWA... I know that quality of teaching in g08 unis should be similar but I believe there are pluses and minuses...could anyone give insight about this? Especially regarding Melb-U and UWA... Thank you very much...
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    For those that did Maths EXT2

    I got 91 in X2 (somehow, kind of miracle...) but my other subjects are in band 6s and 1 band 5 which didn't count towards my UAI...I ended up with 99.85...I can not give fair judgement based on my case One of my friend didn't do X2 but she excelled other subjects she truly liked and she ended...
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    Anyone received late round interviews yet?

    Oww...u mean, offer as in offer for admission...I thought it was the offer for interview.... PS: Anyway, what a nice date it must be, mustn't it? :)
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    How should you structure a AOS Essay in the HSC (RMATERIAL AND ALL)

    *most of u r doing advanced/standard english anyway? For ESL, I think u have to keep it answering the question, use quotes and techniques because most of the questions ask you to explain "HOW" and this is where the techniques are highly required...
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    Anyone received late round interviews yet?

    Does it mean u r applying for 2006-Feb med?
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    UWA: Suggestion for residential college

    Hi, (I dun find any section of UWA so I post it here) Do u guys hav any suggestions for residential colleges in UWA? My preference will be the one which supports learning environment, provide i-net (because I see not all provide it), and is enjoyable. And is all the colleges within walking...
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    what would YOU choose?

    1. Media and Communications to back up the journalism major Dunno why, isn't this more related? But yeah, u r sposed to take ur own decision...whichever u feel like to do....
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    How should you structure a AOS Essay in the HSC (RMATERIAL AND ALL)

    Well, I did intro then texts (dun forget go give relation like 'similar with the novel....', they say it affects) and a big summary in the end. Only did 1 novel (prescribed- Only the Heart), 1 set of poems (2 poems-Postcard and Felix), 1 from stimulus (Wind in the Willow), and 1 of own...
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    English Essay Memorisers!!!

    I LEARNED essays and memorized points (not words by words) and modified them (though I realised how little my modification was) and I got 93, it was ESL anyway....
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    Anyone received late round interviews yet?

    I did...this morning!!! When will the rejection/full-offer letter comes out after an interview? Any1 know? *I am international student so I didn't apply through UAC* Good luck for others!!!
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    After med-school...

    hospital resident = doctor? medical practitioner = doctor? What kind of doctor is it? I mean, what is the difference between GP and those hospital resident/medical practitioner? I am just not clear with Australian system but in Indonesia, after we graduate from 6yrs of undergrad med, we...