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    Those who sat Adv. English

    Yep, you gotta spend an equal amount on each section/module, as their kind of all worth the same. That said, I usually tend to spend a little more time on section 1 in paper 1 (coz the marks are picky and hard to get), and just take that out of the time I'd spend on section 2 (Creative writing)...
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    French Continuers

    Heh...yeah, I did the same. As if I know anything about cars... Good test. Nice and friendly. The question about sheep listening to Italian opera was a bit strange, but hey, why not.
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    General Thoughts - Mathematics

    Apologies. Don't know what happened there.
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    What's a "good mark"

    I'm reading through all these posts, and getting just that little bit freaked out by everyone saying they reckon they aced it. So, for the record... What's acing it? What do you guys consider to be a "good mark"? What mark are y'all hoping to get out of this? :bomb:
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    General Thoughts - Mathematics

    What BOS brochure did you swallow? I'm sorry not everyone can be as smart as you.
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    thoughts on 2 units adavnced

    Yeah, I was the same. I was on such a high after doing the 05 and 06 paper...I thought I might actually have a chance of acing this thing! All that work to waste. Ah well. It's times like these I'm glad I don't need 99.9 (phew) :confused:
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    URGENT! DRAMA ESSAYS IN 1ST PERSON OR NOT? ie aus contemp theatre

    Do we always have to refer to experiences, or only if the question asks for it?
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    Prac Questions

    Does anyone else have the problem that they have no prac questions to practice with? Yes? Okay, well, let's start up a collection thread of questions and such. It'd be a huge help for heaps of people, I'm sure. And if anyone has any questions of Dramatic Traditions is Australia or Irish...
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    Onstage Nominations!

    Shut up. Congrats to all the onstagers - that's fantastic :) Anybody know if the submitted project onstagers have been announced? :guitar:
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    question on related text: powerplay

    Definitely go for different mediums, as a question can specify that sort of thing. It's unlikely, but still, better to be safe than sorry (and also gives you the opportunity to show off a range of analytical abilites) Creul Intentions is a fantastic text to use. It's a re-write of a classic...
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    That's what happened to me when I tried to drop legal! My teacher got the whole staffroom on my case...it took me three visits and a trip to the principal's office to convince them that unless they want me to have a mental break down, let me drop the stupid thing! Teacher's these days...
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    dropped the subject guys - it can still be done! and i couldn't be happier :D
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    Need help with dropping subjects.

    it'll work out better if all your subjects are high. if you've got a low mark, then it's probably best to drop that class, as it will scale down everything else you do. Legal Studies really needs to be pulled up in yours (ignoring extention) - the rest of your marks are pretty damn good...
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    Yeah, most probably. Which is why I think I'll just try dropping it... ;) Might look better in the long run, eh?
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    Any idea when this standard date is? :confused:
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    ok, good. good good good. thanks all :D
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    What exactly does that mean? What's a 'developed unit'? I'm planning on dropping legal - it interests me the least, and it's the subject bringing me down the most. Well, that and maths. But I need maths to get into my uni course (well, it's suggested), so I guess I'm keeping it. I'm...
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    Really, really hoping you two are right. Thanks, by the way :D Does anyone know for sure??
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    Hi all, Quick, yet very important question: is it still possible to drop subjects? Yes, I realise that the HSC is only a term away, and it may seem kind of pointless, but I'm currently doing 12 (extremely time consuming) units, and if I keep them all, I'm not going to be able to do any of...
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    The suckyness of simultaneous equations - please help!

    No kiddin'. Well, it's 2 unit question - assignment really...my teacher's nuts. Fantastic, but nuts. Thank you sooooooooo much for the help watatank!!! I was seriously stumped (and completely on the wrong track...) ...I will be very happy if i never see this question, or any question like it...