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  1. katie2261

    UAI prediction please

    English Average Mark: 76% Rank: =3/213 General maths Average mark: 87% Rank: 2/178 Legal Studies Average mark: 68% Rank: 6/40 Modern History Average mark: 77% Rank: 2/10 Religion 2U Average mark: 89% Rank: 1/23 CAFS Average mark: 84% Rank: 6/48 (this includes everything but the trial...
  2. katie2261

    HELP PLEASE! Related texts

    Hi :) I am hoping someone can help me. I know the information is already somewhere on this site but I have no idea how to find my way around! I am studying Physical Journeys, and need to find at least 2 related texts to either Wind in The Willows extract or The Road Not Taken ~ Robert Frost. I...