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  1. richgirl.cc

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    Me and my posse always go to Pavillion first next to Town Hall, drinks are soo cheap, and DJ is quite good for early on in the night. Maloneys past Star Bar does $3.50 spirits, vibe is so, so bad tho. Just pool tables, no music. Star Bar is sleaze heaven. Went there with my bf and was still...
  2. richgirl.cc

    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    u knoe its really weird...all of my friends r goin to USYD, about more than HALF of my grade r goin to USYD! I only know one other person besides me goin to macquarie. USYD's gonna be soo crowded this year!
  3. richgirl.cc

    Changes to BBA degree

    all of my friends who r goin to USYD or UNSW r like choosing all their own subjects. I got my program of study for the 100 level BBA LLB and it lists the 8 EXACT subjects I have to take this year, no choice. :( arrrggghh I'm stuck with statistics and financial accounting!!!!!:angry:
  4. richgirl.cc

    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    Wow! Got into B Business Administration/B Laws at Macquarie Uni, even though the cutoff was 95.3 and I only got 94.45! Fabulous! Anyone who's doing the same course drop me a line @ cath_sydney@hotmail.com , we can get to know each other before uni starts! :wave: xxcath
  5. richgirl.cc

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Liked it a lot - was my second best exam....I worked backwards through the paper starting from easiest and left pompeii for last. I looked at the water transport q for pompeii and I was like whattttt???? I didn't even study for that! Made up some stuff about lead pipes and water storage tanks at...
  6. richgirl.cc

    thoughts on 2 units adavnced

    It was harder than the prev HSC papers from the Success Book!!! I was really disappointed whenI got to Q6 and beyond, cos I'd done so many practice qs and it was so much harder! I was almost crying at the end of the exam! (the only exam that happened). I didn't even bother doin Q10, what a piece...
  7. richgirl.cc

    Official UAI Results

    UAI: 94.45 (Didn't do all the SAM things because I did very crappy in my previous school assessments! Only put my head down for the HSC, really) Very happy, but a little disappointed couldn't get into Dentistry in Uni of Queensland. Oh well. Have put down a combined degree of B Business...
  8. richgirl.cc

    BNW/BR assessment..HELP!

    thanx guys! got 14/15! Now I only hope I can get that in the HSC....:D
  9. richgirl.cc

    BNW/BR assessment..HELP!

    Hey everyone, received our assessment for BNW/BR and we have to listen to a short stimulus relating to those texts and then write a feature article that explores the following question: How does a comparison of Brave New World and Bladerunner illuminate the differing contexts and values...