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    Customising timetable - Help please!

    So I got my timetable: When I tried to block out the time slots and to change some, the system highlighted them red alright but when I clicked 'allocate me a similar timetable' I just got redirected to my original timetable and it hasn't been changed. Does this mean I can't...
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    Course-specific checks and clearances for first-year students?

    Hi all, I'm starting my first year in Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (long, I know haha) , and the course required me to have these ready for my placement. But my placement starts in the 4th and the 5th year, and some of those...
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    No offers?

    Hi everyone, I've put Usyd Physio as my top preference. It needs an ATAR of 98.85 and I got 98.80 with bonus point(s) (no idea how much they give but I'm sure it's over 0.05 :lol:) I saw on the UAC's website that the institutions will consider: 1. first preferences only (my case) 2...
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    Biomedicine at Melbourne University?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how many spots they offer each year, usually? Also, I've heard that you get guaranteed entry into medicine if you get a credit/distinguished in Biomedicine, is that even true? (So it's easier to get into postgrad Dentistry/Med?) Sorry for all these questions, I'm...
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    Mechanics Questions Help!

    Hi all, Can anyone please show me how to do these two questions? For both I used dv/dt but got stuck after I found t: t for Question 6: t= (1/2ku2)-(1/2kv2) t for Question 8: t= (1/kc)[arctan(v/c)-arctan(2)] Thanks in advance!
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    Inequality involving Calculus - Qs

    Hi everyone, Can someone please show me how to do these two questions? Don't really know where to start :s Thanks in advance!
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    Permutations Qs

    Hi, Can someone please explain the following question to me? I get the first part of the question but not the underlined second part... "In how many ways can five writers and five artists be arranged in a circle so that the writers are separated? In how many ways can this be done if two...
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    Titration Question - confused with the last bit

    Hi all, Here's the question: And here's the solution What I don't get is for (c), where did the 0.0735mol came from. Apparently it is half the concentration of H2SO4 from part (b), but why half it? And it's concentration, not mole anyway. Please help, so confused.
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    Conics Question, help please

    Thank you!
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    Conics Question Help Please!

    Find the equation of the tangents drawn from the point (6, –2) to the ellipse 4x2 + 9y2 = 36. Thanks!
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    Thoughts on the new Fitzpatrick textbook?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering what do you guys think about the new Fitzpatrick textbook published in October this year. (This one) Our teacher said the difficulty level is just right - Cambridge too hard and Patel too easy (we don't use Terry Lee. I've bought one myself but found the...
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    Math in Focus Trig Qs

    Hi guys, I've literally spent one hour on this type of question (acosx+bsinx = Rcos(x−α)) and still can't figure out the right answer... May anyone please help me? I don't know where I did wrong. Here's my solution (didn't finish as I knew it's know the right answer) Answer:
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    Complex Numbers - Help needed

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me with these three questions? I really have no idea how to solve them... Thanks in advance!
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    Is it necessary to include reaction temperatures for chemical equations?

    I've heard that if you don't include temperatures for chemical equations in the HSC, you'll lose marks. Is it true though? I don't think there will be questions specifically asking for the temperatures... (well, I'm just starting Year 12 though) For example, for the equation of converting...
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    Parametric Question x2

    Parametric Question x1 1. From a point P on the parabola x2 = 2ay, a tangent is drawn. From the focus S a perpendicular is drawn to meet the tangent at R. (a) Find the equation of SR. (b) Find the locus of R. [ACTUALLY, I JUST FIGURED THIS OUT]2. Show that the locus of the middle points...
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    Please help with these Geometry question

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with these 3 questions... can anyone please help me with them? (for question 2, only (a) thanks) Thanks in advance!
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    Finding x-intercept for a polynomial??

    Hi guys, Please help me, I need to sketch f(x)=16+4x3-x4, I've found the stationary point and division point, but I don't know how to solve for x-intercept! I tried to substitute the factors of 16 but none of them gives me y=0... Thanks in advance!
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    「HELP!」When asked to "explain"?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering for (b), how should I answer it? I did this: f(-1)= -(3/-1)=3 f(2)= -(3/2)=-3/2 but that isn't answering the question (which is, "why?") isn't it? Thanks!
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    Function + Sequence and series questions please HELP!!

    Hi all, Could someone please help me with answering these three questions with working out? (1) This one is from the hsc past papers - 1994 2U math (2) For this one, do I simply just sub n=1 and n=2 to find a1 and r? So for (d) do I do this: p1= 2-2=1/4 ; p2=2-1=1/2; so...