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  1. elisabeth

    DART in a manual

    Just a few quick questions for the people who passed their test in a manual - Is stalling (on a normal street while driving) an instant fail item? I've heard it is, but another person told me it's only if you stall whilst doing your kerbside stop/hill start. When you get in the car and...
  2. elisabeth


    Just a quick question with regards to language subjects offered by unis. Is there a difference between, say, 'Spanish studies' and 'Spanish'? I've been reading all the subjects offered under arts degrees, I'm just worried that I'd think I was safe by going to a uni which offers spanish...
  3. elisabeth


    Gosh, this forum is dead! Where is everyone? Nobody wants to learn German anymore?
  4. elisabeth


    When I'm defering for the uni of Sydney, how do I give someone permission to act on my behalf? Do I just add a little "... is authorised to act on my behalf whilst I am away" type thing on the form? Would my proxy have to sign too?
  5. elisabeth

    City driving

    Ok, the only place I could get to go for my Ps was Ryde - I'm a Central Coast girl and don't know the area at all. I'll go down there a couple of times hopefully to practise but can anyone else who did it there or lives there offer any tips or things to watch out for? What favourite routes do...
  6. elisabeth

    Hair straightening

    Has anyone had their hair permanently straightened up here on the Central Coast? Where did you get it done, how much did it cost? Would you recommend it? I dunno where to go to get it done. Alternatively, a decent mid-range salon in Sydney, if there isn't anywhere on the coast. cheers.
  7. elisabeth

    Deferment + options

    This year I'm going on a high school exchange to Germany for a year and then I'll be off to uni in 2007. Is it possible to apply for scholarships later this year for the course I defer? Would I still be counted as a school leaver? Basically, I didn't think I'd do so well last year and didn't...
  8. elisabeth

    UAIs and WAM?

    Say I wanted to transfer from a B Arts / B Science at USyd to B Arts (languages) at USyd (which had a 2005 cut-off of 97.25). I've heard it goes on 50% UAI (mine was 99.65) and 50% WAM - so what kind of WAM (credit/D range?) average am I looking at to get a new UAI high enough to transfer?
  9. elisabeth


    Anyone else still stuck about what order their preferences will be? I'm debating between: B Arts / B Science at UNSW B Arts / B Science at USyd B Arts (languages) at USyd See, I definately want to do languages, so an arts degree... but the other day I thought about adding in a...
  10. elisabeth

    Quick, what number?

    What's the number you call to get your UAI? I want to double check, I can't for the life of me believe what I got.
  11. elisabeth

    State rankings

    So when do they come out? Is there any way of finding out? I want to know if anyone I know (BOS or IRL) nabbed one.
  12. elisabeth

    Just checking...

    So tomorrow at 9am we can log into uac.edu.au, using our student number and UAC pin, to get our UAIs? I'm just not sure because I went to the site just to check out what the page looked like and it came up with a Name/Password box and wouldn't load anything, obviously not when I entered the...
  13. elisabeth

    So close!

    Anyone else miss out on the all rounders (? the 10+ band 6 units) by 1 lousy mark in English? To my suprise I got nice band 6s in all my other subjects. Ah well, they were better than expected, I guess I'm happy overall.
  14. elisabeth

    Post-UAI discussions

    What'll you be like?
  15. elisabeth


    I just got up to find that I have an interview with Billy Baxter's today at 4:30... I've never done any waitressing, so can anyone tell me the ins and outs of the industry? What's it like? And most importantly, does anyone have any interview tips to share, or questions they'd ask for...
  16. elisabeth

    Which is worse?

    Discuss - and I know this seems obvious for people still doing the HSC, but who knows, you might find you change your minds afterwards...
  17. elisabeth

    Too late?

    Is it too late to drop a subject? Who does it need to be cleared with - your school, principal or BOS?
  18. elisabeth

    Genetics option

    C'mon, my fellow genetics guys and girls, what did you all think of this year's paper? I was actually really worried and stressed because I hadn't really learned about all of the 8th part of the syllabus, which had never been tested. But nothing on that! :D *all info on HOX genes flows out of...
  19. elisabeth

    Your exam strategy

    Which is better to prevent stupid mistakes? Working through it quite slowly + carefully or doing it quicker and using time to go back and check answers?
  20. elisabeth

    Your standards

    Was just talking about this with some friends... what UAI do you personally, for yourself, feel is acceptable? (Not what you think you'll get or want). You can even split it into these categories: You'll die of shame if you get under... xx.xx You won't tell anyone what you got if you get...