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    UAC Equity/Access scholarships out yet?

    Have offers been made? if not, does anyone know the date theyll come out ? thanks!
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    Assess the validity

    nice. by the way, is this question up for personal interpretation? or is there a definite answer?
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    Assess the validity

    for the question asking to assess the validity of the experiment to measure the electrical resistance at -100 degrees celcius, how did you guys go about answering this?
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    Serious question

    uhh Yep! 1 mark for stating that blue has higher frequency, thus energy. 1 mark for stating that the red light had higher intensity, hence photocurrent
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    Section I Part B

    i wrote exactly that lol
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    Multiple Choice

    uhh question 16 can only be B A is wrong; satellite undergoes centripetal acceleration in orbit C is wrong; there is NO thrust when a satellite is in orbit. The only force acting on it is the gravitational force (same as centripetal) D is wrong; centripetal force IS the gravitational force
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    Study Journal: How I'm going to get 99.95 ATAR

    Re: 回覆: Re: Study Journal: How I'm going to get 99.95 ATAR high atars become their labels. they turn into cocky cunts and eventually get jumped
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    getting pumped for physics

    ditto ditto ditto
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    It's the end...the dawn is upon us

    I'm sick of school... unlike you guys, my cohort only wants to study, no time to hang I'm happy to walk away after so many years of sacrifice..
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    argh... actually im guessing its going to be a major anticlimax..
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    Help-major exam screw up

    That's correct.
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    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    Best - 2u Maths OK - English and extension 1 Worst - 3u Maths
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    oi buddy, just give it a rest its looking bad
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    haha sorry i dont have korean installed on my keyboard :/
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    I feel so happy that 80% of externals are done!! i'm just daydreaming about korea...
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    Multiple Choice

    disappoint unfortunately :( took a really funky approach towards some of the questions, like personal/prescribed measurements... the question asked to "justify the coaches use", really vague questions this year i think
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    Multiple Choice

    prevalence of cvd i mean well i suppose you have some support, but im convinced with the two teachers ive asked, one being an ex-senior head marker
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    Multiple Choice

    No. but conversely, a prevalence in deaths directly impacts number of deaths per 100000 population. look i see why some of you are so persistent on A, and im not trying to argue, im trying to explain why in the light of this question, D is actually the better answer. Everything that is...
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    Multiple Choice

    It was a trick question. read the options D does not mention 'significant reductions'. The reason why D is the best answer is because education programs serve to erradicate unhealthy lifestyle choices/behaviours, and this does not call for an immediate reduction in prevalence rates for CVD...
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    Who's only got one more exam and feel absolutely drained...?