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  1. Ethicks

    Show me your art

    Share your artwork here for genuine feedback, I'm interested in seeing oil/acrylic/pencil/charcoal work as this is something I can offer honest feedback on.
  2. Ethicks

    Official UON Subject Review Thread

    Most other sections have one of these threads for subject reviews so in light of that let's start one for UON. I have 8 subjects to review when I get around to it so stand by.. I've personally found these threads extremely helpful when beginning a new semester with new subjects so i'll gladly...
  3. Ethicks

    They are coming

    Final exams are looming so it's only fitting to ask the question How do you prepare? I have exams on the 10th, 11th and 17th I prepare by reading over my lecture notes and doing past papers if they are available then going through anything I don't understand fully. I tend to find if you get...
  4. Ethicks

    Do your parents pay your fees?

    It struck me today that almost everyone I could think of have/had their parents paying/paid their fees up front for them so they don't have any HECS debt. For me I have to pay my own way and have to work for everything I get. Curious as to how many people on here don't have a HECs debt?
  5. Ethicks

    Do you work part-time/casual?

    Basically the question is the thread title and if so how many hours per week do you work and does it affect your study? I've just been offered a job at Liverpool Hospital on weekends for 4 hours each day and with Sunday rates this is really worth while. The hours are perfect (9am - 1pm). It...
  6. Ethicks


    Has anyone done this course or doing it? I can not wait to be rid of this pathetic excuse for a course, sure I'm fine with the statistics part but seriously it is SO subjective. For example I got a question wrong in this weeks quiz that asked whether the total number of 'active users' of some...
  7. Ethicks

    Religious people studying Science, Please explain

    Doing a science degree one can assume that you are going to come across content that goes against your faith, for example one of my lecturers makes it quite clear he is an Atheist and believes the whole God situation is rubbish. Looking around I find several people with covered heads and...
  8. Ethicks

    What are your tutorials like?

    Today had to be one of the worst tutorials I've ever had in 3 semesters of uni, It's not the fact that I didn't know anyone it's just how the tutorial was managed and how many people were allowed to enroll in the class. There wasn't even enough desk space for all the people squashed in this room...
  9. Ethicks

    Liverpool Hospital

    Never mind - I'll have to bus it -.-'
  10. Ethicks

    Reverse Racism - Student Clubs

    I've had this issue that has been bugging me for a while, I don't expect this to be a popular topic with many people on here but I'm going to have my say. Going through the student club societies there are so many listed as "Chinese X Society" X being Accounting, Science whatever. If I made a...
  11. Ethicks

    Warning to anyone doing Medical Science or planning to

    I just thought I would make this thread as I've not seen anyone mention it and this is something that should impact on where you decide to do your medical science degree. People who graduate from medical science can go into research but most people will get a scientist job in a Pathology lab...