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    hey guys i wanna lose weight does anyone have good diet plans? thanks
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    hey if someone decides to repeat for example 3 hsc courses, are they completed through school (i.e. go 5 times a week) or through TAFE? also would the person have to repeat assessment tasks? thanks
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    Hey what do you think will be the band 6 cut off this year? Thanks
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    overall mark?

    what would an 85 as an overall raw mark get me? thanks
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    what would be the raw mark for an e3 this year? thanks
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    Sor 1

    hey how do you an answer an evaluate question in SOR 1 exam?
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    sor 1

    hey what is raw mark needed for band 6? thanks
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    please help!

    hey i still havent properly learnt how to answer an EVALUATE question. could someone tell me the difference between assess and evaluate and how to structure and evaluate questions PLEASE? thanks
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    3u math

    is it hard to get an e3 in 3u math? thanks
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    speeches module b

    hey you think this year they will make force us to do a certain speech another one of our own choosing or both of our own choosing? thanks
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    economics + physics + 3u

    hey what would be the raw marks in economics and physics and 3u required to get a band 6, band 6 and e3 respectively? thanks
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    2U maths

    hey could anyone estimate the required raw mark for a band 6 in 2U math? thanks
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    english advanced

    hey do you think that a 89/105 is a band 6 in advanced english? thanks
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    estimate atar!

    school rank 85 8/23 economics 14/74 adv eng 14/ 56 2U math 17/ 33 physics 17/ 26 3U 19/ 58 SOR 1
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    question :)

    if someone gets a better ranking for example by 3 positions in a subject, is it possible to get a better mark for that subject then them if you beat them in the HSC exam?
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    Uac atar faq

    hey i was reading the UAC Atar FAQ guide and it said this: 'It is important to note that your ranking depends solely on your performance in the HSC.' is this true?
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    Cssa 3unit Maths

    Has anyone done the CSSA 3U Maths paper? if so how did you find it? Also if you screw up your trials, is there any chance you can get above 95 ATAR? Thanks
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    Trial or HSC

    Hey i just wanted to know what is more important, doing well in your HSC exams or your trial exams?
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    Cssa papers

    Hey has anyone done the cssa physics 2u math or economics? If so how was it? Thanks :)
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    estimate atar please :)

    school rank is 90th adv eng: 8/72 eco: 7/19 physics: 7/35 Studies of religion 4/50 2u math: 7/47 3u math: 12/24