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  1. DheerChoudhury

    USYD Vs MQU - B of Science

    So basically right I'm wanting to eventually study as an astrophysicist, which will be obtained by an undergrad in science with majors in Physics. I've received offers to both unis but am tossing up between them. USYD - Course is a B of Science with a major in Phys. One interesting thing is...
  2. DheerChoudhury


    Simple question, but I'm unsure of what the answer is on about...
  3. DheerChoudhury

    Beer-Lambert Law?

    Required or nah?
  4. DheerChoudhury

    Sleep patterns & Plan of attacks

    What is your sleep looking like in the lead-up to an exam, and what is your tangible plan of attack on the day?
  5. DheerChoudhury

    Chem Help - Enthalpy of neutralisation

    So basically the answer says -53kJ/mol, which I guess I'm not disputing... I'm just confused; I thought at the last step, you include the molar ratio of the water (2)? Any help or consolidation would be appreciated :)
  6. DheerChoudhury


    So basically, my teacher is constantly saying that "when the poems are not specified, use 3 poems"...but I don't know if I agree with that. I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks. Would it depend on how much you write for each, or the depth of the essay, or something else?
  7. DheerChoudhury

    Timetable Terror

    Okay, how many of ya'll actually manage to successfully follow your home study timetable? Plz send help
  8. DheerChoudhury

    Summary notes

    Hey everyone, I am now technically Year 12 and was thinking about whether I should go forward with handwritten or typed summary notes. I had this same exact question before preliminary, ended up going handwritten. I had found that it was near impossible to catch up on missed days work. Yes, I...
  9. DheerChoudhury

    Senior High School

    Hey all, I just had a few things on my mind lately, I was wondering if you guys could help me get some answers... What are the pros and cons of small (say 450ish) and big (say 1000ish) high schools? What would you choose in your senior schooling? If all throughout high school life, I've stayed...
  10. DheerChoudhury

    Jersey Name Ideas

    Hey all, So basically...I'm open to jersey name ideas... My name is Dheer Choudhury...
  11. DheerChoudhury

    General help for 2021 Graduates

    Hello all, Is there any place (e.g discord, etc) in which there are current Senior students in which we can help each other regarding questions, resources etc? It would be very helpful especially given the limited resources and students at my school. Thanks.
  12. DheerChoudhury

    IPT Prelim Course Samuel Davis

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could lead me towards a copy of the answers for the Samuel Davis IPT Prelim textbook. They would greatly assist when the time comes to revise. Cheers.