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    Back-to-back tutorials - good or bad?

    Hey guys, With my timetable I have two tutorials backtoback, and i was wondering if it's a bad thing or not. (ie. one after the other) Apparently we can have tests/quizes in the tutorials, and if it was one after the other with no breaks I think I might have issues :( Is this true? I asked...
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    Uni on Fridays

    Why does no one want to go to uni on a Friday? When I look at all my friends on fb's timetables, most of them don't put any Friday classes. And when I tried moving my classes from Wednesday to Friday, it was extremely easy because there was a lot of time slots open, in comparison to the other...
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    I was just wondering, on the UNSW scholarship website, what's the difference between a scholarship being 'declined award/scholarship' and 'unsuccessful'? And when would most scholarships be offered? I only applied for 4 and I was declined by 1 after the results were released, but 3 are still...
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    Single degree --> double degree? - years taken?

    Hey, So I'm planning on doing commerce at UNSW, and atm I can't really decide what to do a double degree in (or if it's really necessary). The commerce course is 3 years, but if I wanted to do a double degree... could I choose to do one in my 2nd year and would I need to study an extra year...
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    UNSW - Commerce (International)

    I was reading over my ASB book today when I stumbled over a course called 'Bachelor of commerce (international). So from what I understand... this is a combined international studies and commerce degree? The description of the course is basically describes the course as global commerce learning...
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    Economics band 6's

    I'm just pondering; Because the eco test was really easy this year, does this mean more people attained band 6's? Usually in my school, we'd receive only 7 -10 people with a band 6 in eco (13 once). However, I attained one being rank 11 and my friends ranked 12, 13, 16-17 also attained a band...
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    Are most uni courses 3 or 4 years?

    I'm just wondering, are most uni courses 3 or 4 years? I know commerce @UNSW is only 3 years, and I assumed that all uni courses are 3 years as well.. that is until someone told me that most are 4 years o__o Is there a number of years for each particular course? EG: Commerce at all unis are 3...
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    GG - Sydney uni scholarship

    GG. Wasn't really planning on going to usyd anyways but oh well. I'm just wondering, how did they make the decision without even looking at my HSC marks? my ATAR estimate was 95 (sufficient enough for a scholarship).
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    BOS Ranks - issue?

    Hey guys, so I was looking through my assessment ranks on studentsonline and I'm not sure if there's a problem with one of my ranks... At school I came 5th in a subject and on the BOS it says I'm 3rd. However, the person who came 6th (I had a chat to them) also came 3rd on the BOS site. Does...
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    ATAR Estimate

    Hey guys, My ranks changed a tiny bit from my report to the BOS ranks o-o, these are the ones on studentsonline, hoping you guys could give me an estimate (: School rank - low 60's 15040 Business Studies - 8 / 97 15050 Chemistry - 3 / 113 15110 Economics - 11 / 42 15140 English...
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    Ethanol - flash point & ignition temp question

    So in comparison to petroleum, does ethanol have a higher or lower flash point, and a higher or lower ignition temp? What exactly are the differences between 'flash point' and 'ignition temp' and what are the advantages of it?
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    I need help with multiple choice

    Hey guys, so I just finished the EBE 2012 trial paper (Economics and business educators NSW) I have the answers but I'm not sure if these answers are even right because I did a paper from EBE for economics and they've got some stupid mistakes in their sample answers. Here's a questions I don't...
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    Fml I forgot to tick the box that I used another writing booklet!

    So for my extended response, I used an extra writing booklet.. but I forgot to tick the box -___- I think it might be an issue because on the last page of the given extended response writing booklet I left like 3-4 lines before I went onto this writing booklet so it probably looks like I just...
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    HR strategies - indicators question

    So in regards to indicators.. I don't get it. Are corporate culture, benchmarking, changes in staff turnover, absenteeism, accidents, levels of disputation and worker satisfaction the indicators? And indicators of what? OR are the indicators the things you use to measure these above ^ like...
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    Hand writing

    Should I use a pen that I can write really fast with and the writing is really messy but still legible? Or use a pen that writes a bit slower and looks more legible? Or just try and write as neat as I can.. and consume more time. This question is mainly for English lol. Other subjects I seem to...
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    Is this a good idea?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering...Do you think it'd be okay if I don't study for chem until after my 2nd last test (business studies) - 25th of oct?Right now, I'm trying to focus on studying for economics and english, whilst doing some past papers for maths and trying to finish off my notes for...
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    Are these things allowed in HSC?

    I just have a few concerns about what we're allowed to bring in the HSC... Are we allowed digital watches? I recently bought a $10 one from kmart - it has a timer, light, alarm, time, date and thats basically it. Furthermore, can I use the packaging it came in to make it stand up on my table...
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    Can we draw/sketch freehand? -2U &3U

    Hey guys, I'm just concerned about the questions like.. 'copy the diagram on your workbook' and stuff like that.. are we allowed to draw everything freehand? or do we need a compass and ruler to draw circles/triangles/lines or whatever? (i'm really bad at using compasses -__-) Also, when you...
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    Return on owners equity question

    Hey guys, This is a question from the independent trial paper 2012 for business. Balance sheet given: Owners equity 2012 Capital $165,000 Net Profit $95,000 2011 return on owner's equity 5.3% Q: Outline one possible reason for the change in owners equity between 2011 and 2012 What I wrote was...
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    How do you wake up in the morning?!

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if many of you are going through the issue I'm going through but.. Everyday I find myself waking up at 11.30am-ish or 12 [getting worse now because daylight savings started] I go to sleep at around 2-3am, however even if i DO sleep early and wake up early I'm extremely...