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    Good Luck Latin Buddies

    in 2002 i sat the 2u and 3u exam. most two stressful exams. but hey, i did the best in them anyway :) so gooooood luck and study hard. latin rules*. *i haven't touched a latin book in 3 years
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    How Many Conceded Passes...?

    How many concede passes are you allowed? I've heard you're only allowed 3. What do other people know about this? Cheers
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    unimail down?

    anyone else been having difficulties with the unimail since yesterday? i rang up disconnect and the woman there said they were having problems due to a blackout last night, but seriously, a whole day to fix?? my friend also said she was logging into unimail fine. so i don't know if it's...
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    starting a club at unsw

    i may have asked this before, so sorry if i have... how does one start a club at unsw? i've been meaning to do this since the beginning of the year but i haven't figured out HOW to. my friend who does a lot of stuff like contact and yellow shirts doesn't even know how to start one, so i...
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    Exam reviews?

    Are there official exam reviews and how do you find out about them? I know they have them at sydney uni and i wanted to see if i could go along to one of them in unsw. Or if the uni doesn't have them, how do i go about getting my exam paper remarked or at least looked at? I feel that i got...
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    WebCT issues?

    Does anyone else ever have trouble logging in? like an error keeps coming up as "your username or password is not correct" i know the username and password are correct (the browswer has saved the details from last time). i've had a similar problem before - i left it a few days, possibly...
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    Civil Eng II

    the old thread was cool, now look we'll just have to start all over again. and my point for this thread was.... i'm so dead for the test on Tuesday. how much does this count for? open book just means it's going to be even harder than usual standards. *sighs*
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    24 credit points?

    i'm a 2nd year student, so basically i *should* know what's going on.....but i'm fucked if i know. basically, i'm doing 20 credit points at the moment, and i can't move onto the 'you are enrolled' page. i can only get as far as doing all the timetabling. the only thought i had was maybe...
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    Motors - EMF/Induced currents

    Could someone in a sentence or so, just explain WHEN does induced emf occur, when does induced currents occur, and when eddy currents occur, and if they occur in Motors or Generators, or both? i'm just so confused with these. thanks heaps if you can help me :)