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    HEY GUYS i just want your guys opinion on this!!! T___T i bought the hsc clerical check and raw marks for business studies cos the gap between my hsc exam mark and assessment mark is very different!!! (exam mark 77 and assessment mark 93) ((APPARENTLY, MY RAW MARKS WERE 66 =.= SHOCKING....))...
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    Anyone know the state ranking cut off for maths?

    ^ like that the title says! 2u advanced maths btw :)
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    my exam mark and accessment mark has too much of a difference!!!!

    for business, i got 77 for exam, but 93 for assessment mark, which leaves me with a 85 in average can i do something about this? :( :(
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    Atar estimate please :)

    Business Studies 3/96 Economic 13/30 English Advanced 75/123 Maths Advanced 7/105 Maths Extension 1 15/50 Japanese Continuers 4/16 Thank you! my school rank is 300 :)
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    Where can i get section 1 of paper1 to practice the questions?

    ive been on bos website, but some of the unseen texts say 'awaiting copyright' ==; where else can i get them? i need to practice it T____T
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    Religion in creative?

    i included a symbolic, christian image in my creative piece do you think it will be okay? or will it be a bit risky, since religion is such a sensitive topic to some people?
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    Queit place to study?

    hey everyone im desperately looking for a place i could study quietly preferrably a private room for individual study in libraries or universities etc i heard macquarie uni library is good for quiet studying anywhere else? i live around hurstville area and ive been to hrustville library many...
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    Atar estimate for my trials pleaseee! :D

    Advanced English 35/120 Maths Advanced 1/112 Maths Extension1 16/50 Economics 11/31 Business Studies 3/106 Japanese 4/16 school rank is 300 thank youuuu!
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    Atar estimate please

    Can someone please estimate atar? school rank is 300 =______= LOL my ranks are - English adv: 68/126 (sad, i know) Maths 2u: 20/132 (probably gone up) Maths 3u: 10/54 (probably gone up too) Business studies: 5/106 (YAY) Economics: 15/31 (nocommentlol) Jap Continuers: 4/16 (i used to be 2nd T_T)