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    In a recent email to do with reenrolment it says "if your course includes a major, you will also need to select or confirm this – select ‘Majors’ on the Course Update page". Is there some deadline to elect a major in the BSc?
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    MATH2962 vs MATH3068

    Posting this here cause the Faculty of Science subforum is pretty dead. I was browsing through school of maths website, so what is the difference between MATH2962 and MATH3068 in terms of content?
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    MATH1004 Discrete Math

    Hi back to aks one question. If I take an extra subject MATH1004, I'm guessing its not going to be covered by HECS. I was going to take it in summer school though
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    Do I need 48 cp of junior units?

    I'm currently studying part time bachelor of science, but will be full time next semester. I plan to major in maths. My question is do I really need 48cp of junior units or can I do 36cp allowing for more intermediate or senior units, of course if I have the prerequisites?
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    Missed 2 Tutorials with good marks

    Guys I have missed 2 maths tutorials but am currently sitting on a potential HD for the subject (math1001). If i dont miss anymore will i be ok? Should I bring a medical certificate for the next tutorial?
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    Im planning on majoring in applied maths,and i want to minor in IT, so which would be the most beneficial unit for me to study: MATH1004 (discrete math) and MATH1005 (stats)? Keeping in mind though that im going to take MATH2969/2069 (discrete maths and graph theory) later. What is the...
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    Trouble With MATH1001

    Guys strange case here, I have done extension 2 maths in hsc and did quite well (84), but im having significant problems understanding the material in MATH1001. Should I do MATH1013 rather than 1003 next semester?
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    Blackboard after unit of study change

    So I changed one of my units of study last minute (final change cause i didnt like it so far), and it still shows the elearning site for the old unit on my blackboard thingy. How long should it take to update?
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    Taking efficient notes in lectures/study notes

    Rote learning worked for me in the HSC but I now realise that it isnt going to cut it in uni, unless I want to just pass. Anyone give me any ideas or tips? A simple google search reveals answers, but I am simply wondering what the general consensus on what works is.
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    Worth buying dissecting kit?

    After many changes in what subjects I'm doing this year, I settled on mostly biology. Theres a good chance ill be doing more next year. Should I buy a dissection kit, or not worth it?
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    Chemistry and Biology School Welcomes

    Chemistry and Biology School Welcomes. Anyone else attending these? Im probably not attending Science faculty welcome, but are these worth it?
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    Do I really need to buy these textbooks?

    Apparently the textbook for CHEM1001/1101 is not required, so I wont buy, but which of the following should I buy the books for: BIOL1003 BIOL1001 MATH1002
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    Transferring from science to combined science/arts? @ Sydney

    Is it possible to transfer from single science degree into arts/science combined (at sydney)? If so are you allowed to major in psychology in the arts degree?
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    Math1001,1002, 1003, 1005

    If I got 84 in extension 1 and 2 maths, how easy/difficult will I find MATH1001,1002, 1003, 1005? Yes I am serious btw. Only asking because I have to drag myself through one more year of maths.....
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    University welcome to new students

    The 'university welcome to new students' during o week isnt compulsory is it?
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    What Exactly Is A CAN?

    Okay, probably a really dumb question, but I can't find much on this subject with a google search. What is a CAN?
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    Ok, So I know enrolment variation is available from next monday, but when do timetables come out?
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    Student ID Collection

    Where do we collect the ID cards from? I forgot to note the details in the approval message on my student email, and the message was eventually deleted. I know, how stupid.
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    SMH digital subscription access card

    Now that ive purchased my access card online, when or how do i get the smh digital subscription?
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    Double major

    How does one complete a double major? Im assuming it would extend the duration of bachelors degree.