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    UPCOMING ENGLISH SEMINAR *providing extensive essay help+complete set of essays*

    RUNNING A LECTURE AT PARRAMATTA LIBRARY I got 96 for English Advanced and have 3+ years of experience tutoring students and hence believe that I have a sound idea of what it takes to succeed in this subject. A quick scan of my ad in the tutoring section should allow you to view comments by past...
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    Lecture on Conflicting Perspectives (Julius Caesar)

    Since being contacted by Parramatta Library, I have provided two lectures; one on Belonging, followed by a lecture on Blade Runner and Frankenstein. Due to largely positive reviews, it has been decided that a third lecture will be offered. This lecture will aim to cover Module C, Conflicting...
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    FREE English tutoring

    Hi guys, Since most people post all English related problems/questions/info here, I thought it would be somewhat fitting to post this here. I was recently asked by a staff member at Parramatta Library if I'd be interested in offering English tutoring. Since I enjoy private tutoring, I...
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    ***** EXPERIENCED TUTOR, 96 ENG ADV, 97 2U MATHS *****

    Hi guys, I am offering tutoring for English advanced and 2 unit math. I got 96 for English advanced and 97 for 2 unit maths and more importantly have MORE THAN 2 YEARS of tutoring experience. I have tutored students from a variety of schools including baulkham hills and james ruse. I cater to...
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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Hi guys, Good luck to students sitting their trials and for the upcoming HSC. I am currently accepting students who require tutoring for Year 11 and 12 Adv/Std English. I got 96 for English Advanced and know what it takes to succeed in this subject. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? Given that the HSC...