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  1. J

    Who received a 2nd Round UNSW Medicine interview offer? :)

    How many people were offered round 2 interviews? They are only on for 2 days, so under 100? Anyone have the official figures?
  2. J

    med interviews

    no way.. I'm studying at UQ aswell! :p Is she in the provisional med program? Did she move from NSW?
  3. J

    med interviews

    Same here.. UAI 99.25, GPA 6.5, UMAT 61 (93 percentile) and no interview. Is she interstate?
  4. J

    hilarious advertisement: kids like their sugar

    no he doesnt you idiot.... just the catholics! what kind of ignorant fool are you??
  5. J

    hilarious advertisement: kids like their sugar

    dont generalise... its not christians that dont endorse condoms, its the Catholics!! blame the pope!
  6. J

    UMAT practice exams....

    yep, it is impossible that you got an actual umat paper... what company did you do the prac course with?
  7. J

    UMAT for UWS

    no, they look at all of it. with admission, umat = 50%, interview = 50%
  8. J

    Australian Student Prize

    crap... i wish i got that much, but i guess 500 is better than a big mac voucher :D
  9. J

    Who got 100 UAI in 2008?

    exactly.... its the whole point of fb
  10. J

    * Economics Tutor: 2nd in the State 2008 *

    Scholarships - The University of Sydney Lol, USYD dont have any 22k scholarships... he's full of himself
  11. J

    Share your overall English marks please!!

    i disagree... memorising essays is probably the worst way to go about it. Its better to understand concepts, improve your vocabulary, memorise quotes.. far better than just memorising 1500 words and having no essay writing skills when you reach uni
  12. J

    Who got 100 UAI in 2008?

    that is sad... i dont see what the problem with getting 100 was. they're getting rid of the prestige of getting the only 5 digit score. mellisa chen isnt hawt!! i'd have to say she's ok, but not great... Melissa Chen - Australia | Facebook however, the one on her left is quite cute though
  13. J

    Australian Student Prize

    i got $500 from my school for dux.... what prizes are you refering to?
  14. J

    Umat Scores.

    look at the table on the unsw site, im guessing it would be pretty similar to that - maybe slightly lower.
  15. J

    Health Options?

    look in the uac guide book under health sciences, theres quite a few. I have a few friends that are just finishing off physio, what do you want to know about it specifically?
  16. J

    Whats so good about med?

    lol, i wasnt attacking you or anything... just annoyed that parents are making stick with my med degree because of those exact reasons and im really pissed of atm
  17. J

    How do we pronounce ATAR?

    how about altar :p
  18. J

    UMAT practice exams....

    Sorry to be the one to tell you this but the UMAT exams written by ACER are peanuts compared to the actual exam. If you can do the acer books and feel great... they are no way an indication of the actual exam. The exam is sooo much harder!! i'd suggest maybe doing one of the training courses for...
  19. J

    Whats so good about med?

    1. The money isnt that great... its actually on PAR with finance, lawyers ect if you take into account the hours. Graduate med kids may have a higher starting out salary (60k compared to 45k) but they work ~50hours + a week. Once your an established surgeon, you income is generally capped at...