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    How long does it take to recieve your raw marks?

    just about to order my raw marks for a couple of exams for tutoring purposes and i am wondering how long does it normally take until you receive them? i know it says "around 20 days" on the website but how long has it taken for people to get theirs? Thanks xxxx
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    top achievers in course 2014 question!!

    how exactly are state ranks calculated? since we can only get marks of whole numbers and no decimal points, wouldnt heaps of people get the same mark and thus heaps of people getting state ranks? like i dont understand how there are only 10 or so people who get them (depending on the...
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    Social life at ACU North Sydney!!!!

    Hey! If anyone here goes to ACU/is going/ or knows of anyone who goes there, what is the social life like? is there parties regularly and stuff like that? Thanks Replies would be greatly Appreciaited!!!!!!!!