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  1. thisiswar

    How to address lecturers?

    Hey all, I have a really dumb question that probably everyone knows the answer to.... Say when you're writing an email or asking the lecturer a question after the lecture...do u address them as Mr/Miss/Mrs so-and-so or Sir/Madam or do u call them by their first name? i thought it would be rude...
  2. thisiswar

    What is iLab?

    Hi, I was came across iLab on one of the information booklets we got during enrolment and i was just wondering what is it used for? Is it compulsory to download? Thanks
  3. thisiswar

    People and Planet units

    Hey all! Im just a little confused... When do we pick the People and planet units? Anytime in our course? And also can they be part of our electuves or do we have to pick them seperately to our electives? Thanks
  4. thisiswar

    What do you bring to uni?

    Hey guys :) So uni starts next week for most of us and Im just wondering what would be the best thing(s) to bring to a lecture and tutorial. I know most are going to bring a laptop but mine is too big and heavy for me to be lugging it around. Is it possible to bring like an exercise book and...
  5. thisiswar

    Final round offer enrolment?

    Hey guys Well I just got an offer in the final round for B Applied finance with B Actuarial Studies and i went on estudent and accepted the offer already. I've also submitted the commonwealth assist form. However now i dont really know what to do...i know i have to go on campus to enrol...
  6. thisiswar

    B Applied Finance/B Actuarial Studies

    Hey there! For any past students, I'm thinking about applying for the B Applied Finance/B Actuarial Studies course at mqu for final round offers and i'm just wondering whether there is any possible chance i can get an offer? And also how intense is the course? What does it involve in terms of...
  7. thisiswar

    First Year Timetables at USYD

    Hey guys :) I'm just wondering what the timetables are like for first years at usyd. I enrolled into vet science and they said we were going to get our timetables during orientation but is there any current usyd students that can tell me whether you get at least one day off? I might also apply...
  8. thisiswar

    Chances of getting an offer from Late/Final Round?

    Hey guys :) Just wondering if i dont get into my first pref for Main Round what r the chances that I'll get into any of preferences in the Late round offers? Has anyone ever gotten an offer easily? Like does is there a limit to the no. of pplz in a specific course? Also if say I get into my...
  9. thisiswar

    Free HSC Chem & bio notes...and english...

    I have a collection of notes from previous years. PM me if u want any :) Also if anyone needs Gwen Harwood poems analysis I have an extensive analysis by me that I'm happy to give away
  10. thisiswar

    Chemistry tutoring!

    Hey guys, I just finished hsc with school rank 2/69 for chemistry at SGGHS (selective school) I won't brag about myself but just saying I'm offering chem tutoring for $30/hr (negotiable) at Burwood library or i can come to your local library/meeting place, prices depending on distance from...
  11. thisiswar

    Offering french tutoring online/private

    Bonjour tout le monde! I just finished hsc 2011 french continuers and I'm willing to help anyone who is struggling in french (either beginners or continuers). For my school trial i came first with a mark of 97. I can do both private lessons and online help (e.g. by email, msn - mostly for...
  12. thisiswar

    HSC Chem, Maths Ext 1, Maths Ext 2 tutoring available

    Hey all, My final ranks at the end of year 12 (in a selective school) were all top 4 for chem, maths 3u and 4u. I know a lot of people are advertising to become tutors so I guess I'm just another one. But I am very passionate about my subjects and I am willing to help anyone who desperate needs...