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  1. KeypadSDM

    2/3/4 Unit Mathematics Tutoring - 1st in State 4 Unit Maths

    Abstract: For anyone who's interested in tutoring during the 06-07 summer holidays for any of the HSC mathematics courses (not general). General: As a tutor, I won't be 'teaching' any new material per se, however I have a wide variety of notes, problems and past papers on all topics covered...
  2. KeypadSDM

    What's e^(ipi)?

    It's mad, clearly
  3. KeypadSDM

    HESS 2006 - Honeywell Engineering Summer School

    Are any of the HSC 07 kids here going to HESS over the summer holidays? If so, I'll be one of the houseparents there, so if you want any information, don't hesitate to PM me. Information [Note, applications have closed]: http://www.sydney.ieaust.org.au/hess.html
  4. KeypadSDM

    Saw III

    I don't get it.
  5. KeypadSDM

    Where is the love?

    To whom it may concern, 1) How does one get rid of a boyfriend so you can persue the woman you desire? 2) How do you stop someone doing number 1 if you're dating the woman they desire? Thanks in advance, -The Male Populace-
  6. KeypadSDM

    The Scene [Internet Series]

    Anyone been watching this? It's a great show about the 'truth' behind the piracy "scene". (To the extent that it's a fictional release, about a fictional group CPX/dust/method) Strictly movie releasing scene, no 'lol' or 'deviance' crap here :p URL:The Scene All episodes are in...
  7. KeypadSDM

    The Office US [Season 2]

    Great series. Not given enough credit by the English-Obsessive retards. Take the show on face value, not on comparision, they're different comedies. Season 2, Episode 22: For the record, that was by far the best episode I've seen from them in a while. Pure classic.
  8. KeypadSDM


    It seems like a quality movie, alot of what happened throughout the film culminated in that end scene, but I'm left wanting... Do I need to see it again in order to fully appreciate the film [E.g. The 6th Sense and Fight Club], or is it really that ... *strange*? Comments, thoughts...
  9. KeypadSDM

    NMSS - National Mathematics Summer School

    If anyone from BOS is going, just drop us a PM or reply to this thread, I'm tutoring there for the January 2006 camp. Sorry if this is the wrong place for the thread. Oh, be warned, the master of all things maths in my year [Julian Gibbons] will be there tutoring as well.
  10. KeypadSDM

    Science Revue 2006

    I thought I might as well advertise for this, as we need all the support we can get. A group of students at our great uni have decided to start up the science revue (again). Not as a once off like pre2000, we want to make it an annual event, and a great one at that. I was in the...
  11. KeypadSDM

    EliteTorrents Shut Down ...

    ... By the FBI and Department of Homeland security without actually doing anything illegal. This seems to be the first case of a torrent website being shut down by a government institution. Most are usually asked by RIAA or MPAA and then subsequently shut down voluntarily. Thoughts, comments?
  12. KeypadSDM

    UAI vs. Normal Curve

    Assuming that all students are normally distributed about a mean without any significant skewing, why do we try to make a linear fit of it with the UAI ranking system? I've never really been told the advantages of the system, and it seems like people are getting massive UAI's, even though...
  13. KeypadSDM

    Zeta Grid

    My computer is officially a beast. It found two zeroes of the Riemann Zeta function to within 0.00014904 of each other. Man I love my machine. Focus: Join ZetaGrid!
  14. KeypadSDM

    Omfg Hl2!!!!!111\

    Oh yeah, go the backslash. Anyway, HL2, nuff said. OMFG!
  15. KeypadSDM

    Limit problem

    let's say I wanted to evaluate the limit: lim[x-->0+] (-2x<sup>2</sup>Sec<sup>2</sup>[x])/(Tan[x]) And did this: = lim[x-->0+] (-2Sec<sup>2</sup>[x]) * lim[x-->0+] (x<sup>2</sup>)/(Tan[x]) Is there anything wrong with that?
  16. KeypadSDM

    ENGG1800 Chemical Assignment

    Does anyone else think it's a tad screwed? My results aren't coming out correctly. From the data they've given me, it turns out that in my 0.5g of "stuff" I have roughly 171g of soap and 63g of glycerol. Help?
  17. KeypadSDM

    Talented Students Day 2004

    Should I ditch the last 3 days of my skiing trip to get the TG Room medal at it, or should I just ditch the ceremony and make my parents get it?
  18. KeypadSDM


    So, who else is screwed for the test during the prac this week? And for those that have done it. Was it hard?
  19. KeypadSDM

    Riemann Hypothesis

    Need a little Help with some *simple* algebra: I need someone to help me prove: O(x<sup>1/2</sup>Ln[x]) = Int[x->oo]((t(t<sup>2</sup> - 1)(Ln[t]))<sup>-1</sup>dt) - Ln[2] - Sum[All q](Li[x<sup>q</sup>]) Where q are the non-trivial roots of the Riemann-Zeta function, (extended to all of...
  20. KeypadSDM


    If a universal turing machine computes itself with the input sring of QS. What the hell is the output?