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    Transferring to UTS business

    This is how UTS accepts transfers. It doesn't matter what uni you come from. Call Student centre if you're not sure. They're pretty good. I know this because of all my research before I changed
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    Transferring to UTS business

    just checked the have some spots left. So put in UAC asap
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    Transferring to UTS business

    though Dano if you haven't applied for UTS business by now chances are you won't get in for next semester. Spots fill up quick!
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    Transferring to UTS business

    Dano that is true - they'll look at your ATAR. They will only take a look (this is a MAYBE) if you failed a subject and this only happens if you are already a UTS student. If you have done one year of study at your uni and you apply via transfer ( which is via the uni's) THEN they will look at...
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    Transferring to UTS business

    Internal transfer is for people who - are dropping a degree from a double degree - adding creative intelligence and innovation or international studies to their degree and for some post grad stuff
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    Transferring to UTS business

    You're not going to transfer internally. You'll do one year of study ( two semesters) of management and then apply through UAC for Business. They'll take into account ATAR and your marks between both semesters. I also never said they take into account one semester, I said they don't because...
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    Transferring to UTS business

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    Transferring to UTS business

    You have to do more core units at UTS than other from what I was told. It actually is quite beneficial to learn about different sectors in business because it opens more doors career wise.You've made a mistake business is the same thing as commerce. I'll be honest it seems that you haven't done...
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    all school duxs have a guarenteed position in sydney uni

    As a UTS student I agree. They're big on advertising, though not as much as UWS. I've been seeing Macq increasingly too
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    Communications OR Business?!

    Hahaha. I was in Business and then I changed to Pub Comm. Complete opposites.
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    Transferring to UTS business

    I probably used the wrong vocabulary. I went through UAC. I was accepted but according to Student Centre they wanted to take a look at my marks, which is why I received my offer May 6th even though had me on the system from April, I called because I couldn't understand why I was rejected with an...
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    Transferring to UTS business

    Both semesters. UTS doesn't take into account half a semester to transfer. You need a minimum credit average, but it may be higher TBH. You see, I started with UTS Business in semester 1 but I changed to Communication semester 2. I got out, while your trying to get in haha Look, I'd go call...
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    UTS or Macquarie Uni for Creative Writing

    I'd go with UTS - but I may be biased as I am a UTS student. They're the top university for communications in Australia and I find that UTS is more practical - which is why communication students from there are in high demand from employers. But bear in mind I'm a first year !
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    Transferring to UTS business

    Hey. I was wondering if you got in ? If not, have you figured out what you'll do ?
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    Help me find some CSR examples for some scenarios.

    Sodastream - they built a factory on a Palestinian settlement. They were boycotted and lost a lot of money. Forced to close down that factory + others, they still haven't recovered
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    Help me pick a degree

    Look nothing you study guarantees you'll make a shitload of money and will be easily quite successful. You have to love it to be motivated enough to do well in it. Find what you like and do it well.
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    Screen Studies....

    What do you think about it ? any other submajors I should consider?
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    Transferring to UTS business

    I know a EAS application who was rejected with 89.2 during the main round offer. Look, put it as first preference because you never know but honestly it is highly unlikely so don't get too confident. Have you looked at their communications courses? or even look at other universities. Business is...
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    What uni is better to study commerce? UNINSW or Sydney uni?

    No but a relative started her degree there but later on transferred to USYD. She didn't like it and later on she found out it a media degree from UNSW isn't even highly regarded in the industry. Currently, she works in PR but I don't know any specifics about her role.