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    Transfer degree

    I got in for a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science but i want to do a Bachelor of science. Do i have to wait a year and transfer or is there another way? Also, if i do have to wait a year, will i get to go into second year Bachelor of Science or start over again? Thanks.
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    Uts Business possibility

    You are only allowed a maximum of 10 bonus points so your atar is at 82.4. What is the cut off for your course?
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    Sancta Sophia College Interview

    Hey guys, I've got an interview at Sancta Sophia College with the principal, and I was hoping some former or current stuednts, or somebody who knows about the residential colleges could give me some pointers for how to ace the interview. What should I expect? How do I get the principal to like...
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    Sancta Sophia College

    Hi does Sancta Sophia care about your academic results? Or will they care more about who you are as a person?
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    Lol am i fucked?

    lol got a 67 no prob bob
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    University of Sydney Residential College

    Hey any residential college alumni or current students know when i can expect to hear back from the womens college about admission? They're aking their sweet fucking time and i just really wanted to know (really restless). Tried asking the college but the registrar didnt say. Thanks.
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    Lol am i fucked?

    lol thanx fam
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    Lol am i fucked?

    Hey guys, just freaking out before paper 2, you know the usual, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if its possible for me to get an atar of at least 80? I'll post my trial marks, and let me know. In the assessment after the trials, i got like 95/100 for english and went to 70/100 for...
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    Residential college personal statement?

    Could you please let me know what they asked you, and what you included in your personal statement? Im applying to Women's and would love to know
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    Oh wow, for real? How did you find it?
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    Physics Trials

    Thanks for the advice, i have a 2015 edition of the hsc past papers book and plan on going through it. I think its really difficult considering im pretty terrible at physics and really struggle to answer the basics.
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    Physics Trials

    Hey guys, any tips on how to study for the physics trials, apart from going through each and every dot point and making summaries becaus eim kinda stretched for time here. 2 days to be exact.
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    Could anybody post some tips on how to get a schoalrship for science or anything really to a uni? Thanks.
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    Half Yearly Examinations

    I have my half yearly exms next week and have not been able to get off my butt to study. I just cant do it. I'm trying, though. I try to get work done and then just think how the hell am I going to do this. So I had a few questions for the lovely 2016'ers and past HSC students out there. 1...
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    Preliminary Physics

    Hi, i have an assignment in Physics and needed some help. I need an experiment set with aim, method, apparatus and results which SHOWS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FORCE, MASS AND ACCELERATION. Thanks
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    English Extension

    Thank you for your help! This should help me get started off. :D
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    English Extension

    Hi Everyone, I am a year 11 student starting a school project on the enlightenment. The task is to write a creative writing piece fixating on the social ills of the enlightenment, of around 1000 to 1500 words. I just need a good setting or plot of some kind? I'd appreciate any tips on proper...
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    Modern History Historical Investigation Prelim

    Oh wow thanks! I really appreciate your help
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    Modern History Historical Investigation Prelim

    I have a large essay of 2000 words that must go along with an oral component (speech). I need a topic, some questions to help me and and inquiry question. I am really not sure about how to go about this so some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.