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    UAI numbers and percentages

    yo any way in which i can find out how many people or what percentage of students got over 99 in this year's HSC? pls
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    Prediction of novelty subjects HSC

    My subjects and expected HSC marks are as follows: ESL English- band 6 (low-middle) Business Studies- high band 5 or low band 6 Legal Studies- band 6 (low-middle) Modern Hebrew Continuers- 98 (finished last years) Classical Hebrew Continuers- high band 5 or low band 6 Classicla Hebrew...
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    2002 Sample answers

    How come this site doesn't have any- it only has from 2001!!! I could really use some for the essay questions dfrom last year. If anyone knows where i could get band 5/6 sample responses please please tell me. Thanks in advance
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    Please donate case studies (and you'll be greatly rewarded)

    O.k. I currently have only 1 case study- Qantas, which is as you know huge, and covers all aspects of the syllabus, but nevertheless i want MORE, so if anyone is kind enough to provide me with as many case studies as possible in regard to ER (particularly industrial conflicts) and Global...
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    adios :)

    O.k. it's time to forget about my mistakes (as much as i can) and move on, my next exam is business, and as many have said here before it's no use dwelling upon the past, what's done is done. I'll probably stop by here and then but i'm really gonna try focusing on what's to come. A sincere...
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    get it straight

    Consumer law doesn't involve tort law... tort law is about duty of care, you don't have to care for your customers, just fulfill the terms of the contract. The case of donogue v stevens doesn't cover duty of care it covers implied conditions i.e. fitness for purpose, liablity laws, minimum...
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    need urgent help with my conclusion

    Can people please post some of their conclusions, i really need help with it, mine sucks pls pls pls
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    Answering section IV

    Take this section IV question from the 2002 Independent trials: "With reference to a global business you have studies, discuss the reasons for its international expansion and critically evaluate the strategies used by the business to manage changes in the global market." O.k...how would i...
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    This forum is going downhill, fast!

    It's becomining a prediction board. People, buy the damn program and get all your answers.
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    Table A2

    Can someone explain the meaning of the HSC Mean colom. Obviously it's in the form of a mean (i.e. out of 50), but what is it and what does it represent? Thanks in advance!
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    Exception to the ranking rule???

    O.K. a friend of mine did Modern Hebrew 2U Continuers for the HSC last year in a location outside the school. She achieved a very high assessment mark of 100 and was ranked first of all the people who did hebrew in the centre (2 or 3 people doing it through the centre). However in the HSC exam...
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    Peoplez how are your trials going???

    Mine started today with english, went not badly, but it's only the first one, i have many many more to go, hope i do well. tomorrow i have the day off :D :D :D . Nevertheless i have to much to get through so i really should be studying, but i can't coz i'm so damn tired :o :o :o :o so gl...
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    Very important questions

    O.k. i have some VERY important questions, as i'm a very serious and ambitious student and i would like to know exactly what awaits me in my HSC. 1. I'm very familiar with this site's version of how the calculation of moderation of marks and important of rank and i honestly agree with it. The...