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  1. jenga218

    Amazing Grace as a Romanticism Related Text?

    So my teacher gave us a list of suggested related texts for Romanticism, and the 2007 film "Amazing Grace" was on the list. Since I absolutely loved the movie, I thought I'd attempt it. I'm finding some aspects of Romaticism in it really easily: Wilber's love and appreciation for nature, how it...
  2. jenga218

    Visual Image Related Text

    So my teacher wants us to have a visual related text for one of our assignments - does anyone have any they want to share, or know of any good sites where I can find some. I've searched the major ones - Google Images, Flickr, etc., and I'm looking through some pictures that a very artistic...
  3. jenga218

    Early mornings, or late nights?

    When you have an assignment due that you may have put off or not had the chance to work on, do you find you get more work done when you stay up until all hours of the night, or when you get up early in the mornings? I prefer late nights. I'm not pushing a time limit as badly then - in the...
  4. jenga218

    I'm confused about - everything

    I am probably breaking pretty much every rule with these questions (wrong board, wrong section, etc.) and I'm sorry. But I have a lot of questions and no one seems to be able to answer them. I apologize in advance for TL;DR I moved from Canada (where I have lived all my life) to Australia in...