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    non-legla response for crimes?

    one of the themes and challenge for crimes says legal and non-legal response but cant really think of what would be considered as non-legal response for crimes topic, anyone got any idea?
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    am i the only person schitzing so hard for legal

    I honestly don't know how I am meant to memorise essay worth of information for nearly every dot point (esp options) since they can get as specific as they want... I think I was somehow lucky in trial bc the paper was pre easy but I really don't know about hsc especially with everyone saying...
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    is international labour organisation non-government organisation

    I through ILO would be an intergovernmental org since its under UN, but my textbook says its NGO? and then I looked up in another textbook, but it didn't mention anything about ILO under NGO
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    family law same sex

    would same sex still be considered as alternative family relationship (in respect to the dot point in syllabus) now that same sex marriage is legalised???