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    FREE HSC Biology revision

    More revision about the cell types in blood here: https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/learn/open/f76026e1992b47708d5cd6aa9e264d67
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    FREE HSC Biology revision

    UNSW has created a free online tutorial about Mendelian inheritance for the "Blueprint of Life" and the "Genetics: The Code Broken" modules in HSC Biology It's a good 10 minute revision activity: https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/learn/open/6b25fad20ea44b0793fa41e717b5b534
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    Blood cell sizes revision

    Found this good revision activity for looking at blood cells - has a zoomable microscope slide so you can see all the red and white blood cells and platelets. https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/learn/open/f76026e1992b47708d5cd6aa9e264d67
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    Codominant inheritance revision

    Check out this revision activity - helpful for the genetics opt and Blueprint https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/learn/open/6b25fad20ea44b0793fa41e717b5b534
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    Mendelian inheritance revision activity

    Check this out - good revision for Blueprint of Life and the Genetics: Code Broken option https://aelp.smartsparrow.com/learn/open/6b25fad20ea44b0793fa41e717b5b534
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    HSC Biology Revision Day @ the Museum of Human Disease for $50

    5 hours tutoring for $50! That's $10/hour. I guarantee this is the cheapest tutoring posted on this forum. One tutor will be a teacher with 20 years experience teaching HSC Biology, who has written and marked HSC questions. Your other tutor has a PhD in biology and experience teaching biology...
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    HSC Biology Revision Day at UNSW's Museum of Human Disease October 3

    Revise for your upcoming HSC Bio exam at the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW. We're holding a revision day where we'll show you exactly what the markers are looking for in exam answers. We'll also be doing revision lectures and workshop sessions. Where: Museum of Human Disease, Samuels...
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    HSC Biology Revision Day @ the Museum of Human Disease for $50

    The Museum of Human Disease will be running an Revision Day for HSC Biology on Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1-3pm. Students will cover syllabus content from the core topics Maintaining a Balance, Blueprint of Life, Search for Better Health, as well as the Communications option. The day will...