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    Textbook 4 sale. 1st year foundation of law + international studies

    Deal finished. Sorry moving to Canberra/
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    What do we do after enrolling?

    After enrolled, do we have to do anything till O-week? anything requiring you to go to UNSW kensington campus i mean ( beside picking up our id card, which i intend to do during o-week) . Because im currently holidaying overseas and booking for my airline ticket. Thanks guys.:skip:
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    time between lect and tutes

    Does the lectures and tutorials start exactly on time? If so, would i die running if i put my timetable as 10 am. Central lecture block 6 s l Lecture Block 6Central Lecture Block 6 11 am. Mattews 420 and 9am. Quadrangle G046(2hrs) 11am. Civil engineering G8 Thanks guys~:party:
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    Problem with dropping 1 bachelor degree in UNSW

    Say im doing a double degree on International studies / Law, after one year i realised that i SUCK at law, can i drop law and do Ba International study only? does this require WAM or ATAR or any sort of high academic marks? Thanks heaps guys~ Btw im talking about UNSW:spin:
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    Problem with offers.

    If you received an offer in the first round, can you still get another offer in the next few rounds if you changed your preference? Say i got an offer for combined law from UNSW, i changed my preference to Ba International studies at UNSW, will i still receive this offer or can i only stick to...
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    When do we have to change our preference by?

    A few days before the main rounds?. and when is the main round exactly?. what about international students? thank you very much.
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    I need help with my year 10 geo assignment.!

    ok heres the whole assignment. i absolutely have no idea what to do with it .. im so stuck - _-+ Part A - report find 3 articles on the following issue : urban growth and decline. submit articles then identify : 1. the geographical processes related to the above issue ( urban renewal, urban...