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    Sydney Uni High Achievers Breakfast

    Has anyone else gotten an invite to this or know much about it? I'm not sure why I've been invited, whether its due to my entry scholarship offer, or my ATAR (which was good, but not thatttt incredible that I would be invited on ATAR alone - 96.30). Is it like a sit down thing or standing with...
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    How many people in each course?

    Is there a way to find out how many people took each exam? Eg how many people in the state did general maths this year?
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    How close were ATAR calculators for you?

    Unless this is a thread already... For me (96.30): Matrix: 96.25 Talent 100: 96.15 http://hsc.atarcalc.com/: 96.15
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    Merit and Entry Scholarship conditional offers

    Did anyone else get an email today? I have a conditional offer for and Entry scholarship as long as I satisfy ATAR requirement and am in top 5% of applicants, so excited!
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    Can you receive an offer from UAC and QTAC?

    If I apply for courses at Sydney uni through UAC and uni of melbourne through QTAC can I get one offer from each or only one? And if only one, how do you say which is your overall first preference?
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    Anyone else having Board of Studies website problems

    Is anyone else having constant problems trying to access exams and syllabus from the Board of Studies? About half the time I try to use the website it comes up with page unavailable and wont work even when I refresh it, but my internet and all other sites are fine. Could it just be because...
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    How to actually memorise notes

    This sounds so stupid but I am really struggling with what to do at the moment. I pretty much wrote my notes for my content heavy subjects like bio and food tech just before trials, and did reasonably well because it was in my head from writing the notes. However I have barely touched...
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    Is a school allowed to give you your final marks or ranks?

    I have graduated and should be getting my final report in the next few days. Will I receive either my final rank or assessment mark, or neither? I know the school is not allowed to give you at least one of them, and maybe I am just stupid at Google but I haven't found a definite answer, and...
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    Balancing uni work, travel and social life

    After going to Sydney Uni Open Day on Saturday I have a much clearer understanding of the course I want to do, which is both good and terrifying. If I get in (which I think I have a reasonable chance of doing), I will be at uni from between 8 and 9 until 5 five days a week except for every...
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    B of Science or Medical Science

    I am currently in Year 12 and I want to do post grad dentistry at UYSD. I doubt I will get into my undergrad first preference, Oral Health, and I am not sure if I should try to get into Science or Medical Science instead. The only prerequisite for Dentistry is one biology subject I could do in...
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    What would raw 93-94 in general maths align/scale to?

    Hey everyone, I have my trial general maths paper tomorrow and in my timed practice past papers I have consistently been getting 93-94/100 (self marked using worked solutions from excel past paper book. I have looked at the raw mark data base and there is only one submission for general maths...
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    HELP please! hurt back, english paper 2 tomorrow

    Hi everyone, I hurt my back straight after paper 1 today picking up something heavy, and at first assumed it was just a brief muscle spasm due to tension in my back from exam. Unfortunately it has not gotten better and now it is too late to go to doctor or to contact school. I may wake up fine...
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    ATAR est from 102/105 adv english - pre trials

    Hey, could I please have an estimate leading up to trials? I have moved up from being 102/105 in English, (still pretty shocking but I am trying really hard and even though I'm still not high just moving up a bit is still a big achievement for me), as well as some minor changes in other...
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    Seasonal jobs for uni - USYD

    I hope to study and live on campus next year at Sydney uni, which is not close to where I live now and will live during uni holidays. Are there many jobs available close to Camperdown campus that I could work at during semester and not have to work during uni holidays as I will not be in the...
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    Not being allowed an extra writing booklet?

    I had a general maths exam today and asked for an extra writing booklet to put my working for multiple choice in and any comments to myself for when I check over my exam at the end, but my teacher wouldn't give me one, saying I should do all my working in my answer booklets so it can be marked...
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    History and Memory listening task - help please

    I have mod c listening assessments coming up where we view a visual extract twice then answer interpretive and analytical questions "These questions will assess your ability to discuss and evaluate what you have viewed and listened to in the extract " I am not really sure how to prepare for...
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    atar estimate pretty please

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate an estimate please, my school doesnt give out any estimates at all. I don't have a specific aim or cutoff in mind as I am aiming for Bachelor of Oral Health at USYD which is one third ATAR, PQA and interviews if you get to the interview stage. I am aware my...
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    Anyone done PQA or gotten into Oral Health at USYD? Advice for postgrad dentistry

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has done the PQA, and if they could describe a little bit how it went? Theres not many practice questions available online... Also, if anyone has done Oral Health or gotten into postgrad dentistry, I'd be so grateful if anyone could tell me anything about how you...
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    Honest advice on Band 5 English after bad results so far

    Any advice would be really appreciated, thankyou anyone in advance! For the course I am interested in at uni, i need a band 5 in English. Last term i got 9/15 for a belonging essay worth 10-15% (bottom mark 8, top mark 14), and i have a belonging creative and book cover worth 10% due tuesday...
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    USYD colleges - sleepovers

    So basically i know myself and many others who are interested in/about to start living in residential colleges are interested in what the deal is with overnight sleepovers while staying in college. Could any past residents from unsw or usyd colleges tell what it is really like, eg what are the...