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  1. Premus

    ipod - worth it?

    Hey guys right now i have a creative 64mb mp3 player( it can only hold about 15 songs). do u think an ipod would be worth getting? and do u recommend 10Gb or 20 Gb? any suggestions? Thanks :)
  2. Premus

    HSC aligned marks

    Hey just want to clarify this... Assessment Marks: Student 1 : 90 ( rank - 1) Student 2 : 85 ( rank - 2) HSC exam mark Student 1 : 87 Student 2 : 89 What happens to their overall HSC aligned mark? Ive read in other threads that one person will get the other persons mark.... im...
  3. Premus

    Silly Mistake

    Hey For the 2004 HSC exam q1d) i got b = -1 instead of -2 (lose 1 mark) so for the next part i used this value and did everything correctly- do i lose another mark for using the wrong value? THanks
  4. Premus


    1. What is the colour of cathode rays ? (when they glow at the anode?) 2. When an electric field is placed across a semiconductor: A) electrons in the conduction band move in the direction of the field, while holes in the valence band move in the opp direction to the field. B)electrons...
  5. Premus

    gravitational potential energy

    if they ask us to calculate this for an object.... using the formula E = - G m1 m2 -------------- r then do we leave the answer as a negative?
  6. Premus

    HSC 2002 Multiple Choice q 10

    Hey I would have thought that the induced emf would be max, when there is greatest change in flux....at point Q ( i thought the answer is A) pls explain? Also, for the same question, if we were asked to draw graphs of the current against position, flux against position, torque against...
  7. Premus

    Keplers law

    in the formula.... T^2 / R ^3 = 4pi^ / GM is R, the ORIBITAL radius? or just the radius of the planet??
  8. Premus

    A few questions...

    1. HSC 2003 Multiple choice q14 2. just want to confirm this regarding circuits In series : the voltages of the components should add up to give the main voltage? and the currents remain the same for all the components right? Also, what happens to the resistances? In parallel : the...
  9. Premus

    Motors and Generators - Success one

    Hey i have a few questions from this chapter in success one......especially the ones with the diagrams! ( i dont have a scanner) sorry could u guys plss explain the following questions in multiple choice : 1 2 6 (how can u tell which is positive? and whether it slows down or not?)...
  10. Premus

    Another photoelectric q!

    this is from the success one book- q 8, But i dont really understand the answer. i know that the intensity of light is proportional to the number of electrons... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During an exp, a beam of uv...
  11. Premus

    Photoelectric effect

    Which of the following was the first to provide a real explanation of the results observed in the photoelectric effect? a) de broglie b) hertz c) einstein d) planck ummm im a bit uncertain.....between Planck and Einstein Also, can someone pls tell me what EACH of the above scientists...
  12. Premus

    Multiple Choice HSC 2001 q5

    Can anyone explain plss? Thanks
  13. Premus

    Cross - section Area

    how does the cross-sectional area of a conductor affect the current that passes through it? does it affect anything else other than the current? Thanks
  14. Premus

    Evidence for the special theory of rel.

    dialated lifetimes of mesons penetrating the Earth's atmosphere - What are Mesons? Also, what would be evidence for length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity? Thanks!!
  15. Premus

    End user and RAD

    i get confused with multiple choice questions involving this. i know end user is when the actual end user creates a piece of software..... but for example, from the 2003 Catholic paper: "Bob runs a small window cleaning company. he has decided to computerise his business to keep a...
  16. Premus

    the software developers view of the hardware

    For this topic, do we need to know about Line feeds, carriage returns...etc...and know how to use them in algorithms? If so, can u pls explain the difference between Line feeds and carriage returns? Are there any other terms we need to know? Thanks a lot!!
  17. Premus


    i know how to find horizontal and vertical asymptotes for curves...... but do u know if there is an oblique asymptote? eg: y = x^2 / ( 3 - x) is there any special trick ? :p Thanks
  18. Premus

    how well did i do?

    im pretty sure i got around 85 ish / 120 is that alright, in comparison to everyone ? Thanks
  19. Premus

    Rectangular hyperbola

    For a rectangular hyperbola, eg: xy = 5 .... what would be the foci, directrix, length of major axis.... and any other important features? Thanks!!
  20. Premus


    Water samples from a certain oyster farm were found to be contaminated with 9.5ppm of lead. ( assume the density of the solution is 1g / mL ) convert 9.5 ppm to a concentration of moL/L Thanks