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  1. TQuadded

    UNSW Strengths?

    So I've been hearing that different universities have different strengths course-wise. What are the 'good' courses at UNSW?
  2. TQuadded

    No Area of Study? 3U Physics, 3U Chemistry?!

    ^ Read this somewhere in an article online, but then again, my sig quote. Seems legit though, but what is this heaven they speak of? I wish I was born later.
  3. TQuadded

    (Just Some Notes On My Mark Goals)

    These are just some notes to myself. Won't be useful unless you do the same subjects as me and have the same ATAR goal. ATAR Goal : [90.00] Subject requirements for ATAR goal: Advanced English : [85] - Rough estimate of raw mark required : [68] - Rough estimate of raw mark achieved : [72]...
  4. TQuadded

    Capacitor Plates

    Electric field in capacitor plates flow from the positive plate to the negative? What the hell are these conflicting positives and negatives?! My mind is about to explode.
  5. TQuadded

    This alignment can't be real.

    So my goal is an ATAR over 90.00. I predict that my absolute minimum mark (for whatever reason) in the HSC on average for all subjects is 75% raw. (You'd agree that that's pretty low, right?) Using rawmarks.info, I did some average alignment, and even took the lower averages just to see the...
  6. TQuadded

    That Facepalm Moment

    When you memorized half the equations then realize that they're all included in the formula sheet. :hammer:
  7. TQuadded

    Has anyone come across literally a whole list of Extension 1 formulae? (Excluding 2U)

    Would be great if someone compiled them somewhere and shared them with me. ;)
  8. TQuadded

    Is it better to...

    ...do about five past papers for Physics, then figure out my weakest points and reinforce them? Or is it better to go through the entire syllabus in extreme detail? Or maybe go through 2-3 papers, then go through the syllabus points that weren't covered in the papers? I am very confident with...
  9. TQuadded

    Two More Exams!

    Someone assist me in my final stretch. My finger is twitching to press on the beautiful "L" icon for League of Legends sitting on my taskbar.:spzz:
  10. TQuadded

    How are Chemistry and science exams in general marked?

    Are they checked per question? Are markers given whole exams?
  11. TQuadded

    git riedy to giet reeeekt

    first post kient meth
  12. TQuadded

    Math HSC 2013 Question 16?

    So I've done Questions 15 and 16 last night. All questions were pretty straight forward, except for the very last one: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/2013/pdf_doc/2013-hsc-maths.pdf I believe it was Question 16 (c)(ii). I did realise the ratios, but the marking criteria...
  13. TQuadded

    Which Past Paper/Practice Paper Should I Attempt?

    What do you guys think are good practice papers to extensively test my knowledge for 2-unit?
  14. TQuadded

    Is Interest Included in the Exam?

    If so, could someone tell me what the formulas involved in it are? I seem to have lost my book AND textbook.
  15. TQuadded

    I Have A Nasty Math Problem..

    Every single time I look at a question, I would think of a solution within a few seconds. That's not a problem if it was the most complicated solution to get to the answer. Like I would get a question that asks for the area of a quadrilateral on a graph, and we are given each point. I would...
  16. TQuadded

    Long Response Specificity?

    So in the 6-8 markers, I have discussed and answered the questions in detail. However, I feel like it was not enough to be pushed to a full-marker. For example, in the communication 8 marker, it asked for problems in visual accommodation: - I did not explain what accommodation means. (I didn't...
  17. TQuadded

    I don't know whether anyone has thought of this...

    Since Punctuated Equilibrium focuses on 'what' happens in evolution and Natural Selection focuses on 'how' it happens, why can't we combine them? I have been thinking for a while about this and I'm not sure whether or not somebody has ever proposed it, but here is my explanation: - The lack of...
  18. TQuadded

    You guys think there'll be this type of question?

    Draw a halved model of the eye. Label any FIVE parts in your drawing, and relate them to their function. (8 marks) 1.) ____________________________________________ 2.) ____________________________________________ 3.) ____________________________________________ 4.)...
  19. TQuadded

    We are gathered here today...

    ... to make a bonfire from the prescribed texts and useless notes we took in class. May we remember this day as the end of our pain and frustration. But as with all ends, something new begins - that is, our freedom in life. Let us forget.