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  1. Alimoe_KG

    VETERAN HSC ENG/ECO TUTOR: 100+ students. Proven track record. Understands new AOS

    Hi, My name is James Hu. I graduated from Fort Street High School in 2005 as the Dux with a 99.5 UAI, having studied 4U English, 3U maths, 3U History and Economics. I am now studying Commerce/Law at UNSW while working at a prestigious law firm and starting next year, at a venture capital...
  2. Alimoe_KG


    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since i've posted on BOS but as year 12's approach their trials and year 11s are one term away from starting their HSC, this luckily concides with my holidays so I am open to any new students looking for help. In terms of experience, i have taught by...
  3. Alimoe_KG

    40+ Students of experience - ENG/ECO/M.Hist TUTOR UAI: 99.5

    Hey guys. I have started tutoring new year eleven students going into year 12. I am still working part-time at Pryor Tzannes & Wallice Solicitors and studying full-time at UNSW for combined commerce and law. However, as my current year 12 students finish off their studies, i'm starting to...
  4. Alimoe_KG

    UAI 99.5 - ENG/ECO/HIST TUTOR - Free spankings.

    *Air whooshes in* ...WHOOSH. This is the details of how i tutor, what i tutor, where, how much experience i have and the like: http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/general/96660/eng-eco-hist-tutor-uai-99-5-study-full-laughter.html But quick recap from last thread's lesson: Names...
  5. Alimoe_KG

    Favourite Hangout spots on campus

    Where do you people normally hang out during breaks between lectures or after them? library lawn rox my sox. :o
  6. Alimoe_KG

    Uni Comparisons

    http://humour.200ok.com.au/compare_unis.html This should help end the Uni wars once and for all. I actually don't get too many of the jokes. Unless they're not really jokes? *searches for the humour*
  7. Alimoe_KG

    Stop Friken Matriculating =(

    How do i make the status of my thingo go from "matriculating" to say "enrolled"? Or is it supposed to just keep matriculating until it's ..... matriculated.
  8. Alimoe_KG


    I just have 2 Q's, one of which i think has already been answered somewhere but i want to ask it anyway: 1) Is it better to have your timetable compact so u come to uni less or spread out? If compact, obviously i come less but what if there are events and stuff on that will force me to come...
  9. Alimoe_KG

    Some USYD cutoffs are out

    Apparently, some of the cutoffs for usyd are already out: eg. for law, scroll down...
  10. Alimoe_KG

    Please clear up my confusion regarding 1st year subjects

    I keep on hearing conflicting comments so it'd be much appreciated if someone confirms this for me: No matter what major people choose in 2nd year, the subjects they do in 1st year are ALL THE SAME. Correct? If not, please correct me :)
  11. Alimoe_KG

    Differences between Majors

    What kind of things are involved in Accounting and Finance majors? How maths based are they or do they also have a strong theoretical side to it? Also, other majors like Int. Business and Bus Strategy/Eco management, how useful are they or do they just exist to sound good? Are job...
  12. Alimoe_KG

    Q. regarding Business Strategy and Economic Management Major

    http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/vbook2006/brSpecialisationsByAtoZ.jsp?StudyLevel=Undergraduate&descr=All Hello. Firstly, i can't seem to find the Business Strategy and Economic Management specialisation in here...is it because its not a specialisation at all? All the other BCom majors seem to...
  13. Alimoe_KG

    Goosebumps Gives Me Goosebumps!

    Fans Of Goosebumps And Other Lame Pre-teen Fiction, Here Here :D
  14. Alimoe_KG

    ENG/ECO/HIST TUTOR - UAI: 99.5 - study full of laughter :)

    Hi, my name is James (Xiao Fei) Hu from Fort Street High School. Phone: 9745 6946 Mobile: 0410343187 Email: ~Jigga_who_dr_hu@hotmail.com~ (feel free to add me to MSN for a chat) Current student base: 16 Cost: $25 per hour. $20 per hour for groups. I will provide all notes, past papers...
  15. Alimoe_KG

    Undergoing Hyperfuckingstresslation

    Economic theory states that "internalising the externality" is a good thing. However, when the externality is stress attacks because you're too busy thinking about freedom to study economics, internalising the externality can cause severe social...and personal damage. Therefore. My vent thread.
  16. Alimoe_KG

    DId any other COld War crisis apart from Cuba have a BIG and Wide raning impact?

    I want to know if any other cold war crisis like Vietnam and Korea had a big and varied impact on the development of the cold war. And if so, i was wondering if people could outline a few of these.
  17. Alimoe_KG

    Mary Shelley - dirty woman.

    It seems that JK ROWLING has already been exposed as a dirty woman. But i wonder has anyone done any research yet on Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein? Report: After careful studies of both Frankenstein and Harry Potter, I come to the conclusion that the writers of the respective...
  18. Alimoe_KG

    Help With Virginia Woolf!

    Hey guys, i really need some help with Virginia woolf's story/essay form. My work is a transformation of her story/essay "A room of one's own". If anyone from last year or this year did Woolf and has stuff on her melding of text types, it would be really helpful =)
  19. Alimoe_KG

    FORT STREET HIGH - home of the red haired hippie

    If you're a fortian, welcome. If you're not, welcome. If you hate fort street, i don't care whether you are or not. fuck off =)
  20. Alimoe_KG

    OH YEAH BABY! I CAN SEE THE FREAKIN END OF THE TUNNEL!! (aka the Feedback thread)

    I'm still like...60% into my first draft but i'm making progress and it's coming along well =) Luckly, i don't think i'll be needing a second draft. How is everyone else comign along? Last time i asked this, everyone was up shit creek, espicially amoz lilo and the like :p But i hope...