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    no idea what to do at uni

    is it really that bad. i put it first just because i didnt want to waste my atar. considering changing it now
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    foreshadow 'inevitable sadness of the future'
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    An individual's Perception of belonging changing over time Analytical was: An individual's perceptions of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time and interaction with the world. How is this represented in your prescribed and at least one related text?
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    Question about the crime extended response

    It's in the syllabus. Why couldn't it be?
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    How important are hsc ranks?

    You dont need an ATAR for UWS. I'm pretty sure they're college is open to everyone with a HSC
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    HELP for yr11 Subject selection!!

    Good point, and I definitely agree, it probably is as hard to get for the average person to get top 75% in MX2 as it is to come top 5% in business. But out of the ~70000 people who do the HSC only 8000 do MX1 so just by that I'm going to assume that OP is already better than 90% of the state at...
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    HELP for yr11 Subject selection!!

    I disagree. You should do 4u if you're not disastrous at 3u. MX2 scales so so incredibly well, its as close to a failsafe subject you can get. To put it in perspective, if you bomb 4u and 75% of the state beat you, your scaled mark will be 83. That will be equivalent to a person who came in...
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    HELP for yr11 Subject selection!!

    Do economics, skip business and pick up 4u in year 12
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    Watches for a Uni Student 1st Year

    I dont think any high schooler would fully appreciate a 1000+ watch.
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    Raw mark needed to achieve a band 6 in MX2 & MX1?

    depends on the difficulty of the test but probably around 70% in 3u and 60% in 4u
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    UWS B.comm (adv leadership)/B. laws vs UNSW B.economics

    Masters is an extra year and costs like 26k
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    Best Texts for Each Module

    I'm not sure but my teacher says they dont care. The question says you're allowed to pick any one question from each section though.
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    UWS B.comm (adv leadership)/B. laws vs UNSW B.economics

    The only prestigious course at UWS is med.
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    Few Questions About EAS (Educational Access Schemes)

    1. The info is available on the form. It says you need to provide proof, a personal statement and a declaration from a school representative that vouches your HSC was affected (I think) 2. They will send you a letter telling you which universities have accepted your EAS application and nothing...
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    Is it still embarassing to do B. commerce and business (adv leadership) / B. Law UWS?

    Re: Is it still embarassing to do B. commerce and business (adv leadership) / B. Law I wouldn't call it low grade it's just very new (23 yrs) and not established yet. With that being said it is perceived as a 'supertafe' and I'd rather go to a different uni just because perception is often...
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    Best Texts for Each Module

    So lucky you got to choose. I'm doing speeches as well....which was great until they started to specify which speech to write about. I'm contemplating learning Hamlet just for the HSC because i cbf to write a prepared essay for each one.
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    Best Texts for Each Module

    Unfortunately, my teacher chose the shittiest combination available. But from what I can gather in the other classes AOS: Romulus Mod A: Frankenstein/Blade Runner Mod B: Hamlet Mod C: Julius Caesar In your opinion, what are the best texts for each Module?
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    According to the raw marks data base 83/100 is equal to an aligned mark of 90 and the UAC scales this to 77.6
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    How well do all my subjects for next year scale?

    The aligning is not horrible but its not great. The Board of Studies economics department just likes to troll students. If you want a premiers award, this might be a bad thing. But other than that, it doesnt really affect your HSC. Scaling and ATAR are calculated independently of the BOS so the...
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    Dr Pepper's "I had good ranks and screwed them with trials" Club

    They really only place requirements for extension subjects. 0.25 of a page in year 10 shouldnt stress you out. You probably did fine!