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  1. honky tonk

    Semester 2 Exam Timetable

    They just seem to get better and better... Thursday Nov 15 - Family Law Friday Nov 16 - Evidence Monday Nov 19 - Equity & Trusts Thursday Nov 22 - Administrative Law
  2. honky tonk

    Exam Timetable - Semester 1 2006

    Go here and (potentially) weep: http://webapps.newcastle.edu.au/exam_tt/select.cfm?version=current CHEM3110 - Instrumental Chemical Analysis Fri, 23-Jun - 9:15am : 2hr FORS3010 - Forensic Science I Tue, 27-Jun - 9:15am : 2hr LAWS3004A - Contracts - Part A Thu, 15-Jun - 1:45pm ...
  3. honky tonk

    Semester 2 Exam Timetable

    Yay. http://onlineservices.newcastle.edu.au/exam_tt/exams_default.cfm
  4. honky tonk

    The "Graduating" problem

    Hey, For those (like me) who weren't sure whether to have checked to graduate this year or not, I asked the University today and they said not to worry. Apparently, those who checked "Yes" will be on a list at the end of the year, but if they haven't qualified to graduate, their names will...
  5. honky tonk

    How many hours?

    I saw it on a few other University threads and was curious, how many hours will you be studying each week this semester? I've got 21: Law Lectures - 8 Bio Lectures - 3 Chem Lectures - 3 Bio Lab - 3 Chem Lab - 3 Law Tutorial - 1
  6. honky tonk


    I'm doing a bridging course for Chemistry on the 9th, and the information pack says that I should acquire a copy of Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by Kotz and Treichel. I know that this is also needed for Introductory Chemistry 1, so I'm definitely going to buy it, but my problem is that...
  7. honky tonk

    2004 Year 12 HSC Event Timetable

    Hey, For anyone that didn't know, the 2004 Event Timetable has been released: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/manuals/pdf_doc/hsc_event_timetable_04.pdf
  8. honky tonk

    Students Online

    Does anyone know why this website is not open? Or when it will return? Thanks. :)
  9. honky tonk


    If a course has more than one time for the same tutorial/lecture, do we have to specify to the University which one we will go to or can we just turn up? I just want to know if planning out a timetable is a waste of time.. :apig: Thanks! :)
  10. honky tonk

    Notes from the Marking Centre

    I know this has been asked before, but I cannot find the replies so I apologise, but does anybody know when the Marking Guidelines are generally released? Thanks. :)
  11. honky tonk

    Combined Science with what?

    Hey, My first preference is Science (Forensics)/Law, but if I don't get in, I'm hoping to do a combined Science degree for a year and then transfer to Forensics/Law. Considering the only info I'll be missing out on is Law, what should I combine Science with that would be most appropriate...
  12. honky tonk

    What do you think the 'big' questions will entail?

    What do you think they will ask us for those 4-6 mark questions (that aren't algorithms)? I'm hoping for some feasibility or implementation questions. What do you think they'll ask?
  13. honky tonk

    Lexical Analysis

    I understand that the lexical analysis procedure:Uses delimiters in source code to break the program into single lines, and Scans each character in the line and removes remarks, indentation and spaces but what else does it do? I've read several summaries and many of them contradict each other...
  14. honky tonk

    Our actual results sheet

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me what exactly is on the letter we receive regarding our HSC marks? (December 18th) Do we get aligned marks, percentile bands, moderated assessment tasks, what? Thanks. :)
  15. honky tonk

    Some quick questions about your exam...

    1) What two transmission error-checking methods did you discuss? 2) Which conversion method did you justify as an appropriate conversion method for Gourmet Bytes? For Transaction Processing Systems: 3) What example did you give for bias in data collection? For Multimedia Systems...
  16. honky tonk

    Is there a trend?

    On average, is your final aligned mark greater/smaller than your raw mark, or is this never known? I ask because, when estimating using UAISeeker, should one be guessing high or guessing low for their aligned marks?
  17. honky tonk

    What did we think?

    I didn't like ethical and technical issues arising from Mickey's friends requests, and I didn't like the options questions that asked for the Purpose, Participants, Data/Information, etc. Other than that, I think it was pretty straightforward. What do you think?
  18. honky tonk

    Quick questions about normalisation

    For starters, when you normalise a database, do you end up with two tables - one with a primary and foreign key, and the other with just a primary key? Secondly, are there two or three types of norms? (Heinemann has 2, Excel has three) Thanks! :)
  19. honky tonk

    Good luck, guys.

    Don't worry guys, this is one of those exams where, if you've skimmed over your textbook at least once in the last few weeks, you'll be able to bulldust your way through any question. Don't be afraid of the big questions, usually, they'll throw in a few sentences about some irrelevant company...
  20. honky tonk

    Anyone in the same boat for King Lear?

    Righto, so I have my two productions and I have my two readings. I have three focus scenes and six techniques for each production that represent the reading. I've memorised my quotes, remembered my themes and understand the concept, BUT... I have no confidence in answering the question properly...