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    Explain how you assessed the reliability of induction information.

    Could someone please remind me, what was the question number of this question? Thanks.
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    What's the correct way to receive function value in psuedocode??

    I'm confussed about how to return values from a function, using psuedocode, because it isn't really defined anywhere by the Board of Studies. Is the following, shorter method okay: BEGIN MAINPROGRAM GetAnswer (Value1, Value2) Print Answer Print Answer2 END MAIN PROGRAM...
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    Get your english essays marked by experienced teachers/HSC Markers, online.

    Go to: http://englishexampreparation.com/ English Tutoring Online This is an excellent service that I have used extensively in the past two months. They have practise examinations for all levels of english -- area of study, standard, advanced and extension -- for digital purchase. On...
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    Discuss the use of feedback in control systems.

    Any one know got/know anything about this dotpoint? I can't find anything anywhere. I looked at hsc.csu.edu.au, and I don't think it described how feedback can be used to control systems.
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    What was the independant trial 2005 King Lear question?

    Hi, Does anyone have the question that was asked in this years independant trial? I'd like to reattempt it because I didn't have enough time to finish in my actual trials. Thanks!
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    Need help with weird circuit design truth table

    Question 25 (c) (i) of the 2001 CSSA Trial exam has a really strange flip flop circuit design. It requires you to draw a truth table for the circuit they give you. Can anyone someone please explain how you get the answer they give you in the solutions...
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    does anyone have cssa physics trial 2004?

    Is there anywhere to find this paper on the net? Or is someone kind enough to scan and post it? :D I'm sure lots of ppl need it. Thanks.
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    UTS Revision Courses

    I'm thinking about going to the UTS revision course for chemistry: http://www.shortcourses.uts.edu.au/code/coursedetails.php?sc_code=HSC:CHEMISTRY&uid=17 For anyone who has been there last year, or the years before, is this 2-day revision course worthwhile?
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    Rounding off answers -- whats the rule?

    If there was a multi-section calculation question, for example: Question 1 (a) Calculate..... (b) Calculate.... And the answer to part (a) had to be substituted into part (b) --- can you use the rounded off (to as many significant figures as the least accurate input) answer you wrote in...
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    Kozintsev's King Lear

    Does anyone know where I could gain access to Kozintsev's production of King Lear?
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    A question about probability

    Probability: Not mutually exclusive events. Please help. The formula for two not mutually exclusive events is: P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B) - P(A and B) For the majority of questions involving not mutually exclusive events, in the P(A and B) part I was able to multiply the probabilities of A...
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    Excel Physics 2001 edition..what to omit?

    Does anyone know where I can find the list of what to omit from the Excel Physics 2001 editon? I know it was on their site before, but I cannot find it now.
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    Need help on syllabus dot point

    'define the quantitative and qualitative relationship between orbital velocity, the gravitational constant, mass of the central body, mass of the satellite, and the radius using Kepler's third law of periods' I have to make a presentation on this dot point and am unsure of what your meant...
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    Interactive English

    has anyone tried out www.interactiveenglish.com.au, the one advertised on this sites front page? Do you think it represents good value?
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    Trig question

    Staight from the syllabus document, I don't know how to solve it: find all angles X for which sin2X = cos X Thanks!
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    Please help with question: Event-driven systems

    This is from the Fowler Preliminary Textbook: Explain why an event-driven system will, with current technolgy still require some sequential programming?
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    help on assignment: inverse square law

    I'm finding it hard researching a question for my assignment: ----- Outline how the inverse square law has been used, in the past and present, to asssist in scientific studies. ---- What would be some starting points? Thanks!
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    Help on question.

    Compare an emission and absorption spectrum. Any ideas on how to answer this question would be much appreciated.
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    Good calculator for use in maths extension 1?

    I am starting extension maths this year and am looking to purchase a new calculator which will be useful across all of the hsc. At present, I am most familiar to using Casio calculators.