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    Anyone pissed off with their assessment after smashin the externals?

    I had a difference of 16 between them in adv english. From 73 assessment to 89 exam, ending up with 81. Wish i got a better assessment but happy wit band 5. Anyone else in the same boat?
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    Do you get told if you were accepted for illness/misadventure?

    Heading says it all, just want to know if we are alerted when our misadventure is passed/denied?
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    ATAR Estimate

    Ill post my estimated raws and my ranks Geography 1/8 ~80% PDHPE 1/18 ~ 89% Senior Science 1/10 ~ 90% Adv English 12/25 ~ 78/105 General Math 5/35 ~ 78% School rank 310
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    approaching geography study

    How are you all approaching the study? to learn the whole content is pretty much bullshit, theres alot to know, especially when tests have been crammed. Do you think if you know the main things for each topics it will get you through alright? Eg. For Ecosystems at risk: The biophysical...
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    Would these stats get me a band 5?

    So looking back i made so many little mistakes and i think my raw will be about 80, give or take a few. If i got a raw of 80, im ranked 6/45 at a school ranked 310th. Do you think ill get a band 5?
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    What are the main things you would study for in geography?

    I am first in my class but this is the exam i am most worries about because i have got this rank on my general ability without too many 'bright' kids in the class. I think i have the ability to do well in geography (got 94 in school cert, tho i kno it was easy), but our teacher just gives us...
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    Can someone give an impression of my Creative piece?

    Main thing ive tried to do is create imagery, add techniques plus a bit of humour. The main reference to place comes at the end but the stimuli did say people and place. My only concern is its length. Tell me what you all think please? Cheers I open my eyes; the lights are as bright and...
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    The truth about General and Adv Mathematics

    Ok, there is alot of inconsistencies throughout people perspective including mine, regarding the aligning and scaling of these two subjects. My main concern is the aligning. In a truthful perspective, without any bias towards your own subject (people often try to make out your better off to ace...
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    Technical question on illness and misadventure

    if you are accepted for misadventure, your exam mark becomes the greater out of your exam and assessment mark, right? For example, my internal mark for adv english is 79% and this means i would be guaranteed an external mark of at least 79%. Here's the real question. If the band 6 cutoff was 78%...
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    does anyone think ill reach my ATAR goal?

    So i go to a school ranked 310 and im aiming for a 85-90 ATAR. Heres my ranks and assessment marks Im ranked 11/25 Adv English (79%) 5/30 General Maths (80%) 1/15 PDHPE (91%) 1/9 Senior Science (91 %) 1/9 Geography (86%)
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    Estimate your marks here

    What is your highest, lowest and guessed mark (in a realistic view) out of 105 I personally think i will be about 36/45 and 45/60 so about 77%
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    Which order are you going to do it paper 1 in?

    I started with my essay in the trials and it was the stupidest thing ive ever done. I ran out of time and only wrote 2 pages for creative. I think ill just stick to the convention section 1,2 and 3 in order this time. What about you guys?
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    what do you all think about a poem for your creative writing piece?

    My mates tutor said it is a good idea, if it fits ofcourse. I wrote a really good poem. it has imagery, techniques everything. My teacher said it is really good but she doesnt know about doing poetry as a creative piece for the hsc because she has never marked it. Has anyone been given advice on...
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    What is everyone aiming for in Senior science?

    So what are you all aiming for? I know poeple think its a course for the real science rejects ahah, but it was the only subject at my school that i could do on that line. Plus anyone know how it aligns? what would a mid-high 80's align to?
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    Anyone have a good 'speeches' essay

    Dont mean to be a scab or anything, but i see someone posted this as they were having trouble with blade runner and frankenstein and a look at someone elses essay would be great. I am having real trouble refining my speeches essays, all the essays i submit continue to be around the 15/20 mark, i...
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    How often should you be refering back to the question?

    So you've got your prepared essay, and the question is completely different and it is hard to keep referring back to the question without sounding like you dont know what your tlkin about. How often would you recommend to refer back for say a band 5 answer?
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    This may be a silly question, but If you were to classify for a misadventure, how do they work out your mark? I wouldnt imagine they would award you your assessment mark, would they?
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    Just Another Post Trial Estimate

    So my school rank is about 300 In my trials i ranked PDHPE 1/16 Geography 1/14 Senior Science 1/16 General Math 2/34 Adv Eng 10/25 Hoping 86+
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    Question Regarding Scaling

    I know the Atar is a rank, but is the mark received for each subject a rank aswell For instance, if i got a raw mark of 85 in english and it was the top mark in the state (i know it never would be), would this scale me too 100? Also my english teacher is a hsc marker and she believes 60% of...
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    Just Another ATAR estimate!

    My trials arnt until next week, but if i can retain my current rankings do you think i might be able to crack an atar of high 80's?? What is your atar estimate for these marks? P.s im not sure what my school is ranked but it isnt anything extremely high as it is relatively rural. PD/H/PE: 1/17...