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    What's so good about law?

    What's so good about law?
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    Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    Commerce (Liberal Studies) - Actuarial Studies I am planning to major in Actuarial Studies and swaying between other majors: Mathematics & Statistics and Finance. Any suggestions on which combinations are most useful? All advice welcome. :)
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    Related text for Life is Beautiful

    Anyone have any ideas of related texts for the film, Life is Beautiful? I can't seem to find any suitable ones that can related to both Inner Journeys AND Life is Beautiful.
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    Related text

    I'm currently doing Bruce Dawe's Poetry. Does any one has some idea on good related texts on any of his poems? any help is much appreciated
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    General Statement

    When we write an essay on this module A: Experience Through Language is it necessary to have a general statement about it in the intro?
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    Standard or Advance?

    rumour has it that: it's almost impossible to get band 6 in standard english but it's more possible in advance english... So which is more preferable? I'm only average for advance in my school. Should I drop to standard because it's easier? I might not be able to get band 6 in adavance so...
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    i heard a rumour that if u do 4U maths for the HSC you don't have to sit for the 2U maths for the HSC? is this true?
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    On Christains plz help!

    On Christians plz help! neone for ideas or ne info about this: how the interior design features reflect the beliefs and ritual practices of Christians? for assessment ugently! can't find nething so far... so difficult to find info plz help. I would be grateful :P
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    Stuff on Fossil Record ~HELP!! plz~

    Need help with bio assignment: What processes have be developed or used in the past 200 yrs to increase the understanding of the fossil record??? and I need examples too... Can't find nething in the net about this~ plz HELP! need more resorces.