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    past papers

    hey just wondering if anyone has any final exam past papers for econ1102 and fin1613 thanx
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    need help for case study

    ey i have a case study to complete on a businesses information system i am having trouble with emerging need and don't really know how to go about and answer anything for it any help would be very appreciated thanx
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    technetium 99m

    what are some negative of technetium 99m besides that is has a very short half life meaning it cant be stored at the hospitals and must be prepared before or on site? thanx any help would be great
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    please help!! How is technetium 99m used?

    We have just been given a project about nuclear chemistry. We need to talk about a medical and industrial radioisotope. If anyone has any information about ow is technetium 99m used like including the step by step procedure and how it is detected that would be amazing :) thanx