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  1. alez

    Sum expression in microsoft access

    Setting up a database for work, never used access before, got a couple forms and tables. Now I have no idea how to do a sum expression. Basically we're seeing a bunch of patients, bill them etc, i enter them all in but after all that i want a total of how much we earned off all the patients to...
  2. alez

    High RAM usage?

    Computer normally runs great, has got 2038MB RAM, but last few days has been using about 80% of the RAM constantly, when im only running internet and itunes. Usually runs at about 30% or less. svchost.exe is taking up a lot of memory, but not sure how to fix that, any help?
  3. alez


    Applied for medicine at monash. But dont think I will get in So considering biomed, then postgrad med at either monash or melbourne uni Have no clue which to put as first preference, seeing as change of pref closes monday Any help? Esp from student studying med or biomed, or others applying to...
  4. alez


    In Monash interview What sort of things might they ask? Any good examples?
  5. alez

    Post up the paper

    If you have mc/options, or can remember short answer
  6. alez


    Pretty good exam I thought Liked industrial as well
  7. alez

    2004 q14

    i dont get this at all galvanic cells confuse me can someone explain it simply?
  8. alez


    Active or passive transport?
  9. alez

    Stronger acid

    Is H2SO4 or HCl stronger?
  10. alez

    Action potential

    Bit confused on what happens when a nerve impulse is sent down a neuron. Got notes and 2 sheets which all contradict each other. What happens with the Na+ and K+ ions? Notes say that Na+ goes into the neuron and K+ leaves but wouldnt that lead to only Na+ ions inside and no K+ so it wouldn't...
  11. alez

    qtac help

    I cant seem to find bachelor of medicine/surgery at bond to put in my preferences. Its there in the coursesearch but not when I search it in the preference page. Any help? I emailed qtac and they havent replied...
  12. alez

    Mobile internet connection

    Not sure on what settings I need to connect my phone to the internet Lg viewty on vodafone But atm it wont connect, anyone know what settings I should use??
  13. alez


    Perform a first hand investigation to distinuish between anionic, cationic and non-ionic synthetic detergents, in terms of chemical composition and uses Anyone done an experiment for this?
  14. alez

    Area under inverse graphs

    In my ext test, we had to prove the area under sin^-1(x/3) + pi/2 =3pi We were supposed to draw a rectangle or whatever and do half the area of that but i just changed it to sin(x/3) + pi/2 and integrated that, and it worked But did it just work for this instance or will it work in others?
  15. alez

    Theme hospital on Vista

    Well I want to get theme hospital but I have vista and not too sure whether it will work I downloaded the demo and I couldnt get that to run And then I got dosbox but a bit lost on how to run applications other than cdroms Anyone been able to run theme hosp on vista? Any help
  16. alez

    Biomed/medical science

    Is there much difference between the Medical Science and Biomedical Science degrees? Or is it just the different unis? Whats involved in the course and what can you do afterwards? Thanks
  17. alez

    Velocity with respect to displacement

    Not sure on how to change the velocity (in terms of x) to terms of t. A particle moving in a straight line has a constant acceleration of -10m/s^2. It is initially projected from the origin with a velocity of 12m/s. i-Find v^2 as a function of x ii-Find where the particle comes to rest...
  18. alez

    Half angle question

    Well, I seem to have totally forgotten how to use the half angle formulae Can someone explain how to prove (sin(x/2)-cos(x/2))^2 -1 = -sinx
  19. alez

    Best residential hall at Clayton?

    Any info from people staying on campus at Clayton would be great And which do you think is the best?
  20. alez


    I'm wanting to do med, but I want to defer for a year. But my careers teacher said they usually dont let ppl in med defer. Has anyone deferred, or not been able to?